Corbyn & A kinder type of politics; Bo**ox

Labours  NEC has overridden a local selection procedure at Liverpool’s Walton Constituency, instead quietly imposing an aide of Unite boss Len McCluskey to stand in one of the party’s safest seats. Labour officials announced this afternoon that they had selected Daniel Carden, a little known outsider, as candidate for Liverpool Walton.

It seems the Labour Party are incapable of recognising, never mind changing ways of doing doing business that anywhere else would be deemed corrupt; Cronyism at its worst. The question posed of course by rigging of the Labour candidacy for Liverpool Walton is this:

Was Corbyn lying when he talked about a newer, more fair way of doing politics, or is he simply too weak to impose socialist standards of democracy within the Party, never mind in the country as a whole?

No doubt Corbyinistas will blame the media, for spotting this small hypocrisy on Corbyns part…or maybe it is a new equalities policy just for friends of Len.

As a Labour voter, I like talk of privatising power and transport. But when I look at a party whose industrial policy is controlled by, predominantly, men elected by less than 10% of their unions membership, it fills me with dread for the return of old style Stalinist politics.

Wil Ewart

8 thoughts on “Corbyn & A kinder type of politics; Bo**ox

  1. Wil,
    Surely you mean “I like talk of de-privatising power and transport.”? …but yes I agree with you on the selection in Liverpool Walton. constituency.


  2. In context corbyn said he supported a local candidate. But as a MP was standing down the onus was up to an nec panel.

    Remember they did the same to Rovrum.
    But at least it stopped the dodgy mooroof. Who as community cohesion cabinet member claimed he knew nothing about the grooming Cse in his community.


  3. Looking at reports in press at least he has links with liverpool. He grew up there and his parents are active and respected in community.

    Unlike what happened in Barnsley by parachuting another outsider on people from West Mids.
    But at least she has passed Tom Watsons casting couch and his latest bedmate.


  4. I’ve never met Dan, but I did know his dad during the Liverpool docks two year lockout and in the aftermath when the Casa was being set up out of the minimal payments some of the lads finally got, top bloke, and if Dan takes after his dad Walton is in safe hands, although I bulk at the description of anyone who works for a union as a ‘trade unionist’, to me (as someone who also works for a union) a trade unionist is a lay rep on the front line who has to face down hostile bosses when their job could be on the line as a result, and having spent decades as a lay rep myself before becoming a bureaucrat I know full well what the difference is (and it is huge). And so I do have some reservations that Dan may not have actually served a proper apprenticeship but I’ll give him the benefit on that for now.


  5. Glad andersun dint get it.

    Like cllrs in this area he has tried to talk the talk then got his hands dirty over last 7 years by carrying out tory cuts for this lousy government against communities.


  6. Seems like people want to talk about whether he’s an ok person. Or whether he has roots in Liverpool, or as I expected..say that the old Gang did the same in Rotherham.

    Not the point… Corbyn says he will take the party back to the members, and the Country back to the people.

    Overuling the local constituency members does not fit with his expressed views. Something we members have seen many times before from a leadership.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss….won’t get fooled again? I’m looking at the eventual disillusionment of those tens of thousands of young new members, when they realise that the wave they created is being surfed by the same old apparatchiks and union forces that rest on such small majorities in their own union elections.

    If you can’t build a vote pinch someone elses.



    • They need to sweep the old guard and control freaks away from the nu labour era. They are contaminating things for the members leader.

      It takes a long time to change the toxic culture of the past. That was based on being tory lite.


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