ERYC Safeguarding Cover Up – news of Pam Allen

ERYC Safeguarding Cover Up

On 28 March 2017 a concerned whistle-blower received an email which breached safeguarding as it was not sent via secure email. As the email had already been published by copying in numerous people on 29 March 2017 I published ERYC Adoption Team – Staffing Issues to highlight the breach of safeguarding.

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Developments from the Yorkshire Post:








More on Pam Allen: Pam Allen Crossed Red Line

5 thoughts on “ERYC Safeguarding Cover Up – news of Pam Allen

  1. The Code of Conduct complaint states quite clearly that the notice was sent to “160 adoptive carers”. I presume “adoptive carers” are either employees of the council or members of the public who are looking after children. If its the latter, then members of the public are not subjected to any confidential restrictions by the Council. Members of the public can do what they want with the document.
    After reading the documents, I find their reasoning of family members etc, might turn up is rather weak, and in any case these events are controlled by adults. If they are so worried about “safety” they should be employing security staff on events visits.
    This is a typical case of “we have made a cock up, so lets blame some one else, whilst hiding behind our catch all, ” confidentiality clause”.
    Strange that an employee, starts the complaints process, should this have not been the councillor with the children`s brief.
    My advice to the councillor is check to see if the children`s service has broken any area`s of the law, and if so, contact the police and ask for an investigation.
    If he is confident that the leak is from them, make a complaint about any employee or councillor involved to force the standard committee to carry out a proper investigation.
    Being an Independent Councillor, probably has nothing to do with being investigated, its just shear coincidence, just like in Rotherham.


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