6 thoughts on “Nominations close – Candidates announced

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    Doubt very much whether I am going to vote for a Tory that comes from Nuneaton that is being parachuted into Rother Valley. As for the the Liberals, Greens and Labour, you must be joking, It’s either UKIP or none of the above. Regards Tim


  2. A few questions…
    Didn’t UKIPs Rotherham Candidate Allen Cowles stand for Rother Valley back in 2015?
    Why the change in the constituency seat?
    Isn’t he also the councillor for the Sitwell Ward and isn’t that ward in the Rother Valley constituency?



  3. So Healey has been proposed by his former secretary. A former secretary who was also chair of governors at Wath comprehensive in the 2000s, married to a Labour member (who I seem to recall was chair of the Police and Crime Panel for a while) and whose son is a senior officer in South Yorkshire Police having spent his entire career in SYP.
    This may be flogging a dead horse but with an election coming up should we once again be questioning John Healey’s claims of ignorance about CSE and whether he can be considered remotely fit/competent to represent anybody in his constituency, especially since he is a firm remainer?


    • Fully agree with alex.

      He voted for tuition fees.
      For atos.
      For bedroom tax
      For illegal wars
      For cuts against most disabled and vulnerable.


  4. Barron, remainer
    Healey remainer
    Champion Remainer
    The majority of the people of Rotherham, Leave.
    So much in touch with those who they think they represent ( not) why vote for them


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