Rotherham UKIP Councillor inept.

“It seems an inept UKIP Rotherham councillor doesn’t know what has been voted for regarding the plans approved today to enable Tescos to provide 3 hours free parking, but with the condition that shoppers who use the car park wanting to park more than 30mins would have to spend £5 in the store and register their vehicle.

In one of his Facebook and Twitter post the Brinsworth and Catcliffe ward councillor says “You can park in Rotherhsm for Free for 3 hours (TESCO)” he goes on to say ” Every town centre needs to be free for 3 hours as part of the Master plan”
He doesn’t say anything about the 30mins free rule and the £5 spending in store.
Which will result in a £70 fine if not.

Are not councillors supposed to give correct information.

When approval was given back in 2012 the recommendation was based on an approved parking plan which offered 2 hours free.

Today the planning board members voted for the change in the parking plan and agreed to the new 30mins free parking with up to 3hours when £5 Is spent in the store.

When parking in Tescos it will now cost you £5 in store after 30mins up to an 3 hours.

Objections from the council’s regeneration arm, Rido which is responsible for the town centre and nearby markets warned that the proposed parking restrictions will have a negative effect on footfall.”






13 thoughts on “Rotherham UKIP Councillor inept.

  1. Disgusting the council should have e thrown it out even the council department for the town centre objected to the change bloody councillors riding rough shot over everyone again think they are bloody god


  2. When the original planning consent was given to Tesco to build their new store it was a legal document agreed by both parties (RMBC and Tesco)
    What the Planning Board has now done is to accept a modification to the planning approval put forward by Tesco who in their infinite wisdom failed to do this in the first place.
    Tesco cannot say they ‘Did not know’ some people might abuse the original 3 hours free parking because they have similar restrictions at some of their other stores.
    The Planning Board has just agreed (with Tesco) to a reduction in the number of people who might shop at Tesco and the majority of RMBC councillors have limited brainpower to understand that Free Parking attracts shoppers who spend money. That is why Parkgate and Meadowhell are successful.
    Where are RMBC’s free car parks? Why is Parkgate promoted by RMBC ahead of the Town Centre.?

    I agree with Dave Smith; ‘bloody councillors riding rough shot over everyone again think they are bloody god’.
    Clueless is also a good word.


    • Still doesn’t answer the question has to why you said “Free 3 hours parking”. Let’s be clear you thought that Tescos was offering Free 3 hrs parking without finding out the facts.
      That’s why you also said and I quote “Every town centre car park needs to be Free for 3 hours”
      So Councillor Simpson do you think that the planning board made the right decision in reversing the original planning consent by offering up to 3 hours Free. If this is your idea of a Master Plan then I’m shocked, it’s like Colin said “Free Parking attracts shoppers who spend money. That is why Parkgate and Meadowhell are successful”.
      TESCO will be overcharging by charging people to spend over £5 in store to park for 3 hours when you can park in council-owned car parks for 4 hours for £2 with the cost of all pay parking at around £3.50.


      • Let me be clear at no point did I think that parking in Tesco was free (without purchase.)
        As a rep I used many supermarket car parks for “free” so I could get to town centre appointments, on returning I would do a quick shop of top shopping, it was win-win.

        I merely quickly copied the headline from the planning notification I had received –
        to repeat, the who point was to emphasise the need for free parking in Rotherham,
        for the benefit of Rotherham shoppers and businesses.

        Your headline was therefore wrong, not helpful to the people of Rotherham and more an attack on a Councillor to the point of being defamatory.
        If you didnt understand my reasoning, why didn’t you simply ask?


  3. What has really happened is that RMBC were bending over backwards to please Tesco in order that they would move from the site next to the Riverside house. When they eventually did move they then cocked up the “free Parking” at the old site, only half of it is actually free. They then come up with brilliant idea that whey would buy up the old site, then demolish the building, and then sell it on cheaply to some Cinema Group, probably at a massive loss, “to attract business on to the site2. Why do they not purchase it (saving taxpayers money) and allow the current owner just to put it on the open market. It cuts out the inept (middle man) (read RMBC) and saves us thousands in council tax.
    Its not free, it costs £5


    • Unfortunately the planning ctte decided that to park in Tesco you have to shop in Tesco.
      So the parking is not charged.
      It is UKIP Policy to park for free in town centers and hospitals.
      (for shopping and visiting relatives)


  4. When did UKIP Councillor’s in Rotherham put in a motion for free parking
    Did they not all vote with Labour supporting the budget
    Did they all vote with Labour for the cabinet system when it was UKIPs policy to support a committee system
    How did UKIP councillor’s vote on this on the planning committee
    Or is it he does not actually know what UKIP policy’s are
    And whare is this free parking in UKIPs manifesto
    Or is it like all Cllr Simpson does makes it up as he goes along he say’s very little in the council chamber on the subject of free parking


    • It’s common knowledge that UKIP are against parking charges especially in Hospitals and Toll charges.
      Seems like any idiot who obviously knows nowt can make stuff up and remain anonymous and unaccountable…


  5. There is no such thing as free parking.

    Sometimes, there is parking which, like the NHS, is without charge at the point of use. But it isn’t free.

    Parking in my own drive isn’t free. I bought the land, paid for the construction and pay for its maintenance. I just pay those parking charges in a different way.

    Parking at Parkgate and Meadowhall isn’t free. The contribution to the cost of purchase, construction, maintenance and management is made by the leaseholders, who recoup those costs in the prices they charge to customers. I just pay those parking charges in a different way.

    Parking on the street or at hospitals isn’t free. Local or national taxpayers contribute to the cost of purchase, construction, maintenance and management, and sometimes these costs are mitigated by usage charges.

    If people want to remove or reduce those fees charged at the point of use for parking, it is incumbent on them to say where the income foregone is going to come from. At its simplest, which council services are they going to cut or which hospital treatments are going to be stopped?


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