Arthur Newey – I want £1 million to move out of my house

DEFIANT Arthur Newey has placed a £1 million price tag on his home after revealing that council bosses are again plotting to turf him out.

The protesting pensioner’s feud with Rotherham Borough Council began in 1999 when the authority tried to buy his property – then part of a terrace – to build a bus lane.

He won a public inquiry to fight off a compulsory purchase order but insists the stress contributed to the death of wife Barbara in 2007.

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2 thoughts on “Arthur Newey – I want £1 million to move out of my house

  1. Arthur needs to know exactly what Rotherham Council is up to:
    – is there an approved scheme?
    – have they published a copy of any scheme that’s been proposed?
    – what powers do they intend to invoke?
    – which department of the council has been in touch?
    – is there any associated private sector development involved?
    – has Arthur been advised by Rotherham Council to appoint an agent?
    On the basis of their previous despicable and devious attempts to evict him, you can bet they aren’t taking a professional approach toward him.


  2. Wishing Arthur Newey good luck to getting with his ‘terms’ made to RMBC.

    The lengthy and shoddy treatment of Arthur was exposed when Arthur won his case but the stress to him and his wife was unforgiveable.

    No one should have gone through what Arthur and his family experienced.

    Keep RMBC under the microscope…….especially the Wild West……

    Arthur has my wholehearted support.


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