VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour battle bus rolls into Rotherham

SARAH Champion likened Jeremy Corbyn to Marmite as she welcomed him to the Rotherham patch she is battling to be re-elected for.

Speaking at a rally in Canklow last night, the Labour parliamentary candidate for the Rotherham seat, said: “Jeremy is like Marmite — he’s not what you traditionally think of as a leader.

“He does not do the Alpha male, shouting, aggressive thing.

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16 thoughts on “VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour battle bus rolls into Rotherham

  1. Only a few months ago, Sarah and John Healey were resigning from JC’s cabinet stating that he was not fit to lead the party, now they are crowing that he is fit to be Prime Minister.
    At their meeting JC was criticising the government for giving parents the choice of having a grammar school option, after all he sends his son to one. Two further examples of labour hypocrisy.
    People of an older generation well remember just how badly nationalised industries really were. I have friends who worked in the rail industry all their working lives and they tell me just how much has been invested and how much better they now are.
    JC would have the country in a worse state than France within 12 months


    • Hector writes:
      At their meeting JC was criticising the government for giving parents the choice of having a grammar school option, after all he sends his son to one.

      Sorry, butI think you are most probably writing utter rubbish!
      “He [ Corbin] reportedly split up with his second wife Claudia after she insisted on sending their son Ben – now a football coach with Premier League Watford – to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, in Barnet, instead of an Islington comprehensive.”
      …and there are many other sources for this.
      As someone who went to a Grammar in the 1950’s I can assure you that ” giving parents the choice of having a grammar school option” is just not how it works. I may have got into one, but a hell of a lot of my friends were condemned to the dismal local Sec Mod. There were no options or choices.
      *** The only other kid from my final year in primary who got selected for the Grammar was the only child of the Head of the French department at the Grammar. She was bright, but there were other kids brighter.


  2. Sarah compares Jeremy to Marmite, does she mean he is thick and brown like another similar substance.
    Oh what a tangled web we weave in our efforts to deceive. The battle bus rolled into town for all of ten minutes, no one knew it was coming and most of the placard bearers got off the bus and back on again when it left.


    • What a load of rubbish Fairy story, this was supposed to be a meeting of Labour party cardholder members and as for coming off the bus another miss informed piece of information, why don’t you own up and admit you were not even at the Hub meeting place

      Please grow up and report what you See


  3. “over ten miles a day”, “on every street meeting someone i have done casework for”, “helped over 10,000 people”. I hope she an back that up with actual evidence. 10 miles a day, someone on every street, La La Land
    As a potential voter who lives in Rotherham I was not made aware of his visit, I would have loved to meet him and ask him questions. So much for being “out and about meeting the people”.
    Is The Hub in Canklow, a public funded building ?, ie owned by the council or a charity. If so they may be breaking election rules.


  4. When’s Theresa May coming to see us in Rotherham.
    Yes I would like to have seen Jeremy speaking in All Saints Square
    How many locals would that attract opposed to May doing the same?


    • Reading comments on advertisers FB page he’s not very popular and neither is the Labour Party. I’d go to heckle JC but i’d applaud TM. Would also be interesting to see if Diane Abott turned up if the SWP & UAF would counter protest her.


  5. Reg Reeders comments are typical of a labour luvvie. Did he send his son to a grammar or not, yes he did, and he attended one himself, he simply lost an argument with his wife, hardly much of a backbone? Though he did not do very well, a less rigorous academic education would have been more suitable. Reg sounds the same.

    He is also misleading about the 1950’s, it was not a straightforward binary chop for pupils as he suggests, that is what labour like to suggest. There were technical schools in Mexborough, Rotherham and Sheffield for the less academic. and it is the failure to expand these vocational and engineering schools under successive governments that has failed the country. Unlike Germany who did invest in this type of education. We simply dumbed down and failed the brightest.

    What we are being offered as a potential prime minister according to Sarah is a man who is like ‘Marmite’, soft and thick, hardly the credentials for a determined negotiator.


    • Hector
      Many of us are proud to have been ‘West Riding children’ under the visionary Sir Alec Clegg, Chief Education Officer of the West Riding County Council (WRCC). It is easy to see and argue that there have been no visionaries in education since the whole education system became politicised in the hope of winning votes.
      Like you there was a very strong and established tripartite system with ‘catch alls’ built in for pupils to move across into the local grammar school yearly from post 12 years of age.
      Reg Reader clearly had a crappy primary school; mine was excellent. We were surrounded by the arts (in its widest sense) and creativity underpinned the curriculum but we were tested weekly in the 3 Rs. Sir Alec’s vision was that to spititually enrich a child (or teacher) you surrounded the individual with the arts. How right he was and I thank him for that.
      There were 20 of us in my year who went to grammar school, many were girls. Nationally, fewer girls were allowed entry as results were deliberately manipulated to skew 11 Plus results in favour of the boys. There is much evidence about this.
      In fact. I ‘jumped’ a year from being in the first year (Year 3) straight to the third year (Year 5) and completed the 11 Plus a year early. There were four of us and interestingly, all were girls. My Year 5 teacher at the time had gone to a local grammar school alongside Ted Hughes (later Poet Laureate)and we were introduced to Hughes’ poetry(alongside others) interpersed with boyhood tales of them both growing up together.
      Yes, you are right, schooling has been dumbed downed and that started with its politicisation in the 1970s. Politicians sold ‘comprehensivation’ of schooling to parents by getting them to believe that EVERY child would have a grammar school education. How wrong they were and would continue to be. The rest is history.


    • Dear Hector,
      How would |I have been expected that you added a comment on my post down here. Learn how hierarchical blog comments work! LucyJ knows.

      My son did not go to a Grammar.His main schools were a day Public School in UK from 11,, a superb State Primary in Switzerland and a delightful pre-School group inside the US Embassy in Addis Ababa.
      … along with very short periods at a crap state primary and in a much better fee paying prep school in UK.


  6. Just surpposed Jezza wins, yes I’ve had a few, will all his backstabbing, arselicking friends, be lining up for cabinets positions and all those little benefits!!


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