Late UKIP change as Rotherham general election candidates are decided

UKIP GROUP leader Cllr Allen Cowles made an 11th hour decision to become the party’s general election candidate in Rotherham.

The council’s opposition leader had initially ruled himself out of the running but the branch rejected other prospective candidates.

UKIP’s planning for the June 8 polls was hit by the resignation last week of four branch officials, including chairman Caven Vines.

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3 thoughts on “Late UKIP change as Rotherham general election candidates are decided

  1. UKIP have walked away from Wentworth and Dearne. I’m sure the 10,000 or so people who voted for them in 2015 will appreciate their loyalty to our constituency.


  2. Didn’t Mike Hookem stand in Wentworth and Dearne in 2015 when he was parachuted in over the Local candidate Martyn Parker?
    I would ask the UKIP Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP why he hasn’t stood again in Wentworth and Dearne.
    Or maybe why he hasn’t even been seen in the constituency,
    he promised so much during the last General Election but has resulted in nothing, not even as the regions MEP.


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