YP Comment: Labour throws in the towel. Party’s admission of defeat

 AS IF the Labour Party did not already have woes enough in fighting the general election, the extraordinary and damaging intervention by its deputy leader, Tom Watson, can only make its already invidious task even more difficult.

To admit that his party has little chance of forming the next Government, as he appeared to at the weekend, is surely unprecedented in modern British electoral history and amounts to throwing in the towel with more than three weeks to go until polling day.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/yp-comment-labour-throws-in-the-towel-party-s-admission-of-defeat-1-8542994

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9 Responses to YP Comment: Labour throws in the towel. Party’s admission of defeat

  1. Stef says:

    Fatson the rat and part of vipers nest.

    He needs to be booted out

    • Colin Tawn says:

      Because Watson faces reality and accepts the Labour party will lose this GE by a huge margin you resort to childish comments?
      Are you really a typical Labour supporter? If you are then God help us all.

  2. 1st Time User says:

    http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/councillors/95/gordon_watson ….thought his name was Gordon Watson ….

  3. 1st Time User says:

    another look 2min 37 …. the Deputy leader https://www.channel4.com/news/rotherham-abuse-council-leader-paul-lakin-video never liked him…. I have heard on the grapevine his nickname is Toe nails …. due to the fact he is that far up Chris Reads arse that’s all you can see.

  4. Bob says:

    1st time user

    Its the nat dep leader nowt to do with r council

  5. 1st Time User says:

    right …thanks I was mistaken ….note to self do homework ..lol

  6. Ulysses says:

    At least Tom Watson is not specious like the rest pretending they can win when clearly they cannot. And praise be that this is indeed the case, so far every key shadow minister interviewed has had the car crash Diane Abbott moment. Not one of them has a clue or a handle on numbers see interviews with Andy Mcdonald and John McDonell, add this to the barely sentient Angela Rayner and Rebecca Long-Bailey and what an untalented crew we would have dumped upon us led by a leader with as much intellectual capability as a bowl of soup, and that is insulting to the soup.

  7. Colin Tawn says:

    Tom Watson is the voice of sanity in the discredited Labour party and it should not be a surprise he’s woken up and smelled the coffee.
    Abbott’s car crash interview, McDonnell’s inept performance this morning on R4,Thornberry’s cringeworthy mauling on C4 and Long-Bailey’s stumbling and mumbling are proof positive the Shadow Cabinet’s so called ‘Top Team’ have no knowledge and no ideas about basic governance, and to think we’ve got another 3 weeks of this rubbish.

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