Sarah Champion speaks at launch of Labour manifesto

LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate for Rotherham Sarah Champion has given a speech at the launch of the party’s General Election manifesto.

Ms Champion spoke to the supporters and journalists in Bradford this morning (Tuesday).

Read on…,sarah-champion-speaks-at-launch-of-labour-manifesto_22595.htm

Sketch: Everything but owls for all

A FEW years ago the Labour media team’s Twitter account was hacked.

Having gained the controls, the person behind the hack posted the message: “Everybody should have his own owl.” The post unleashed social media at its best – or worst, depending on your view – as Twitter users speculated on how this most audatious of policy pledges might be delivered, whether it would be a universal benefit or means-tested and whether they would be state-reared owls or private companies would be allowed to supply them. One urged those looking for clarity on the policy to call “28, 28, 20” and pictures of Ed Miliband carrying owls proliferated.

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4 Responses to Sarah Champion speaks at launch of Labour manifesto

  1. rothpol says:

    If anyone has found a download link for the Labour Manifesto, readers would appreciate a read of the full document, link please, Rik.

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