7 thoughts on “Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures May 11th-12th

  1. No surprises there.
    (A number of Corbynistas claim most polls are ‘fake’ and polling companies are owned by ‘Tory rich boys’). We’ll see. 🙂

    The Labour party is up 4 points since last week but it is not a cause for celebration when you look at the figures. Three weeks to go and the Tories are so far ahead I just cannot see how the Labour party can avoid a catastrophic defeat.
    It doesn’t say much for a left wing manifesto.


  2. This was a poll conducted some days ago; much more up to date polling results can, as ever, be found here:

    It is only too easy to read more into a poll result than the actual data allows, Colin Tawn’s comment above rather exhibits this tendency.
    But nothing I have read for ages comes across as so utterly misreading a polling result as this piece, that I found featured on Guido Fawkes site today.


    • I know! I present polls from the same organisation, using the same methodologies, so they can reasonably used to indicate trends over time! The polls have been notoriously out of kilter with actual votes cast for quite a few elections now, so they can all be mistrusted equally!


    • rr
      I tend to take some of your criticism with a pinch of salt.
      The poll you linked to shows the same gap between May and Corbyn-18 points-as the graph in the OP.
      I stand by my original comments. The Labour party is doomed.


  3. I think Labour’s plans to invest in schools, nhs and public services in general are laudable and we certainly need to own some things in common like energy, water and the railway ( where privatisation has been a costly disaster for passengers). But paying for it by hiking corporation tax by 7% will surely affect wider growth and investment adversely at a time when we need to be encouraging businesses as much as possible to create jobs, opportunities and wealth for all? We need an attractive rate of tax but to get more corporations paying it. And, if we want first class public services then we all have to be prepared to pay for them so why not modest tax rises for people on middle incomes as well as top earners? I’m sure my wife would not mind! Or why not grade corporation tax so that the big corporations with massive profits pay the greater levy that they can undoubtedly afford? Or have a higher rate for companies that operate in areas that compete with the public sector such as schools and health? Another part of the answer is to invest in better tax structure and legislation so we actually get the taxes that both individuals and corporations already owe.


  4. Looks like UKIP support is switching to the Tories (no surprise, UKIP’s job is done). What is interesting is the lack of surge to the Lib Dems and presumably SNP< Plaid and Greens (others, no change)…are they stuffed too?


  5. Sarah Champion is offering 25 Labour Manifestoes signed by Mr Corbyn as draw prizes for anyone who contributes to Labour’s coffers – be still my beating heart!!!


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