May launches Conservative manifesto in Halifax – key points

Theresa May was today launching the Conservative manifesto in Halifax with a promise to build a stronger Britain.

Mrs May chose Dean Clough Mill to launch the document as she warned the next five years would be the “most challenging” the country has faced in her lifetime.

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Tom Richmond: Significance and symbolism of Theresa May launching Tory manifesto in Halifax

THE symbolism and significance of Theresa May’s decision to launch the Conservative Party manifesto in the working class mill town of Halifax should not be under-estimated as the general election finally looms.

This is the first time that the party has ventured so far North for such a setpiece occasion. Until 2015 when the Tories headed to Swindon, London was the de facto venue, including 2005 when the then leader Michael Howard assumed – arrogantly – that he could triumph without making electoral gains in these parts. How times change.

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May hopes to end Tories’ Halifax heartache

HALIFAX meets a lot of the criteria you would expect those orchestrating the Conservative election effort would have applied as they looked for a location to launch the 2017 General Election manifesto.

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May promises Yorkshire a Brexit dividend

THERESA MAY promised Yorkshire will enjoy a Brexit dividend as she made an audacious bid for traditional Labour territory with her Conservative manifesto launched in Halifax.

The highly personal document promised a Conservative election victory will trigger the creation of a new fund using money saved by leaving the European Union to tackle the North-South divide.

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Conservative Manifesto: Download the 2017 Conservative Party Manifesto (PDF)

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