Atkin’s on Fire!

The more pompous of our civic ceremonies taking place today, Friday the 19th May,

will see not only the usual guilt-edged injection of a new mayor, but another type of coronation.

Mustapha Atkin, our brigadier of brilliance, barrage of babble and blunderbus of ideas, will be charged as high vizier of planning and god of fire.

Decades have passed, crises transpired and all our crosses have been borne. Council leaders have come and gone –  for better and for worse  -, as history does, as history does, imparting both fury and mercy, upon our great little town.

Yet in the summary of this transient chaos, one invariable and underlying truth still persists: “Atkin’s got planning and Atkin’s got fire.”

Underneath him the officers know how to work – Hard! It is said that with vacant eyes and arched backs the words on their trembling lips can be heard bouncing from the breezeblock down at Riverside. As they march their sorry soles to the next briefing, dragging their humbled-hides for the next tanning, they whisper….

“Please Can I Get a Transfer From Planning?”

This is a seamless continuity that underpins the gravitational laws of the council, an anchorage of stability, a beacon of progression and a vision of hope.

A blanket of comfort for the town and its folk, and a model for all those who are disposed to aspire:

“Atkin’s got planning and Atkin’s got fire.”



22 thoughts on “Atkin’s on Fire!

  1. Atkins got nowt unless his faithful lapdog planners tell him what to vote for. And bollocks to those he’s supposed to be representing.


  2. But he was one of Healey’s faithful followers in Healey’s Constituency like most of them that was at that Seminar in 2005 have been promoted into top paid paid positions
    Wentworth and Dearne Labour constituentsy
    Reed Leader
    Hoddinott. Cabinet member. (Casey unfit for purpose)
    Atkin. Planning chair and Fire Auth. (At Seminar kept quiet)
    Ellis. Chair licensing and chair of Pensions Auth. ( At Seminar Kept Quiet ) highest paid
    Wyatt. Chair of Audit Committee ( At Seminar Kept quiet)
    Roach. Cabinet member
    Steel. Chair scrutiny committee
    All these in Healey’s Constituency nearly all power base in this Constituency I wonder why that is
    And wasn’t Healey on the Labour NEC when the Jay Report came out and the Labour Party was supposed to be investigating them that knew and suspending them ??


  3. Hear atkin put 2 fingers up to local voters, public and put last nail into our town centre.

    As chair of planning
    he used his casting vote to ram through scrapping 2 hour regs on parking at tesco.

    Is it for Tesco to now
    pass the brown envelope ?


    • Judging by the size of the household food bill, being kind to Tesco, who also happen to have another store in your fiefdom, could be handy. Bet the delivery van is a regular on Sandygate


  4. As so called politicians they failed safeguarding and duty of care to the families and young people of this town.

    They knew but never said nowt.

    Then they closed ranks to coverup

    Then the denial and hand wringing.

    Many labour members distance themselves from the cllrs, officers and MPs.

    Not in our name


    • Just seen the 3 girls.

      PAtkin shud be put in the dock for dereliction of duty.

      Every cllr, council officer, MP and the police should be held accountable for failure to safeguard, duty of care and their culpability for the ongoing cse in Rotherham and other areas.

      Some MPs may use mealy mouthed excuses but they should have known. Whats the likelihood that cllrs and others in the know did not inform them?


  5. Having watched the meeting, Atkin is also economical with the truth when he speaks about funding or lack of funding to retain the second fire appliance in Rotherham. This was exposed at an earlier meeting in the Town Hall when the Chief Fire Officer was forced, reluctantly, to accept that funding was in place until 2020. There will no doubt then be a further increase in the precept that would sustain it. Cllr Atkin was present at the meeting. I also understand that UKIP wrote to the South Yorkshire Joint Authorities Governance Unit in March, in support of the fire fighters.
    Just more labour hypocrisy!


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  7. Really have to feel sorry for the poor electorate of Wath. In addition to Atkins, it would also appear the “doughboy” was looking in a mirror when he set up his Facebook Account: Nomis Snave. Or maybe he doesn’t want the peasants finding him so easily. That way they wouldn’t have seen his hastily removed, recent post regarding his parking fine. His fellow councillor Yasseen recommended “emailing Colin”.
    Would love to know who “Colin” is, and is whatever service he provides not available to the general public? A quick glance at Nomis Snave’s Facebook friends reveals how highly he is connected within the Tripartite area of Wath, Mexborough and Swinton…………….


    • ‘Colin’ is Colin Knight who is Highways Manager, Another brown noser.
      Bronwen Knight is his pillow sharer in Planning…………………..


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