4 thoughts on “General Election Rotherham 2017 – leaflets

  1. Saint Sarah is so confident of winning that she can have time off in Halifax promoting Jezza. She is so confident, that he is the right person to run the country, she forgot to put his picture on her leaflet. Did she not resign from his cabinet 18 months ago.
    Flip Flop, Flip Flop, cannot be trusted.


  2. Got to say shes reight about cse.

    Our other MPs and cllrs looked the other way whilst girls got abused and failed to warn families.


    • Every cllr, council officer, MP and the police should be held accountable for failure to safeguard, duty of care and their culpability for the ongoing cse in Rotherham and other areas.

      Some MPs may use mealy mouthed excuses but they should have known. Whats the likelihood that cllrs and others in the know did not inform them?


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