Caven asks a question and the answer appears

Was he not the chief executive at Rotherham when they tied up with BT connect in Rotherham Council or was that deal done later after he left?


4 thoughts on “Caven asks a question and the answer appears

  1. I believe they then pulled the plug on it early as it was costing a fortune and failing to deliver
    Also from memory I believe Cllr Wyatt was cabinet member for it


  2. This Deal was ditched in 2011 four Years early…see,council-ditches-200m-bt-comms-deal_15952.htm

    The (RBT) Rotherham Brought Together, was to take over the running of departments such as human resources and payroll, upgrade It systems and increase call center numbers , but from the start questions were raised with regards how much it would cost and how much BT would be making.

    Then in 2016 RMBC signed a new £7m digital strategy. So after nearly 200million spent on equipment RMBC are now spending more on replacing and upgrading software applications.
    The council has budgeted for just under £7m of capital investment, spread over the next three years, and is planning to create a digital change team to help produced a detailed delivery plan and business plans for individual projects.

    Its costings for such replacement work include £1.6m for replacement of desktop devices, £1.2m to replace the contact centre system and £900,000 for networking equipment.
    A further £358,000 will be spent on refreshing server estates and £300,000 on replacing storage infrastructure.
    In addition, the council wants to upgrade the ‘YourAccount’, its self-service system for citizens that has around 33,000 registered users, at a cost of £555,000. The council has also set aside a further £1.2m for other digital projects.
    Other costs factored into the plans includes £300,000 for desktop productivity tools, such as Word, Excel and Google’s Docs and Sheets.

    A council spokesperson said “We will build upon things we’ve already achieved to deliver an excellent ICT infrastructure which is designed to support our transformation aspiration.”

    Will this also be ditched early, RMBC really like to splash our cash on such projects, but when it comes to helping the elderly and most vulnerable they put the cost onto our council tax saying they ain’t no money.



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