16 thoughts on “Kevin really really wants my vote.

  1. As an MP for the people he is as much good as a chocolate fire guard
    How can he represent people or any major issue in Rotherham when no one talks to him no one tells him anything no one goes to his coffee mornings the police won’t meet him his brother and daughter don’t discuss local problems with him
    So if he knows nowt how can he represent any one
    Not fit for purpose like his Labour Councillor mates


  2. He says nothing about protecting white children from Muslim rapists.
    Ah but no, Labour actively covered up for the filth and cared nothing for our children.


  3. Had about two three letters asking for my vote from Kevin Barron. Contacted Kevin a number of times about clearing up the allotment site across from his officer in Dinnington and policing. Fobbed off and totally ignored many times. A group of us went into see Kevin about reopening the police station, nothing since. 3650 people have signed the petition to reopen the station, that is an awful lot of voters.


    • ‘ A group of us went into see Kevin about reopening the police station, nothing since.’
      Simple answer: He doesn’t care.

      Sir Kev will still get votes from people in Dinnington and Anston because “They’ve always voted Labour”. The only consolation is Rother Valley constituency will probably become a marginal seat after this election so his seat will be an easy target by the time of the next GE.
      Eventually Sir Kev will retire to spend more time with his bank balance. Or homes..

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  4. Colin I think Barron is consolidating his wealth from selling off his homes
    Alegedly he sold his tax payers funded London home for a £500,000 profit
    And I beleive he has sold his Maltby Home for around £260,000
    And I think he now rents a flat now in Bramley so he has a local address in the Constituency
    And owns a office in Dinnington
    But it is said he has his main residence in Derbyshire
    Not bad for a ex Pit Electrician and a MP who no one talks to about what’s happening in his manor
    He should have asked for your votes Cos he needs the money


    • Hi Caven. Put his address on the electoral form at Bramley into the website and it told me that it had been bought in 2012 for £112K and was nothing more than a flat.. Confronted him on radio Sheffield back in 2015 and he had to admit he now lived in the Hope Vallet. Cheers Tim


    • It’s interesting that you should say his main residence is in Derbyshire, because he was very upset when I said he lived there to him. He was more upset about that than about the very serious position that I was in, and that I’d asked him for help with. (Like others have said, he’s worse than useless, he’s overtly corrupt! He’s taking money from the public purse, yet delivering no service, and I got the same as everyone else from him, i.e. NOTHING!) He demanded to know who had told me he lived in Derbyshire, and insisted that he lived in Bramley, and that the Derbyshire property was a holiday home. A likely story! Does anyone know why he would be so upset about this? What is he up to?


  5. The problem is that the UKIP candidate comes across terribly ( like a silly right-wing thug) and the tory is just using the campaign for practice, which everyone knows. Makes me wonder why that Caven Vines didnt put his money where his mouth is and have a go himself for UKIP.


  6. Panty Dropper
    If you keep up with current affaire you would know that courtacy of Barron and Healey
    They took me to court for liable and was awarded £40,000 each with legal costs of around £190,000 so I had no option after using all our savings and being retired on pension to go bankrupt so one thing you cannot accuse me of is not putting my money ware my mouth is
    And as a bankrupt you are disallowed from standing as an MP
    I have given my reasons for leaving UKIP on this site so would not be so hypocritical to stand for UKIP if I ever did stand it would be as an independent
    And from your comments it is obvious you don’t know anything about Lee Hunter


    • well you must have told a pretty bad lie to have been fined so much! – probably best you dont become a politician again.

      still not sure about lee hunter; havent had a leaflet yet.


      • ‘well you must have told a pretty bad lie to have been fined so much! – probably best you dont become a politician again.’

        Do try and keep up.
        Your comments are illiterate drivel and add nothing to the debate.


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