New campaign launched to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation in Sheffield

A new campaign has been launched today to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation in Sheffield.

The NSPCC and Sheffield’s Safeguarding Children Board have launched a year-long campaign aimed at raising awareness of abuse and exploitation, and to improve cross-organisational working in the fight against sexual offences committed against children.

Jane Haywood, of Sheffield’s Safeguarding Children Board, said: “This campaign goes to the heart of our work to prevent child sexual exploitation and abuse.

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When a story such as this is put out, there is bound to be a negative one along soon: Survey reveals lack of confidence in South Yorkshire Police


3 thoughts on “New campaign launched to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation in Sheffield

  1. What has lead to this announcement, and why now, if there is no problem in Sheffield according to the council? If ANY part of the council is involved, then any campaign can never be truly independent.


  2. everywhere has a problem with CSE some places more than others – some local authorities and police forces maybe better at dealing with it than others

    For SYP it must be time for Billings to revisit the March 2016 Drew report and [i]urgently[/i] see what can be improved on based on best practise in other forces

    a quick look at the stats at the end of this article on SYP website suggests charge rate is very low relative to reported offences and clearly different tactics are needed to deal with what a lot of the historical cases (and the old old home office reports) suggest is a gang related problem which brings along with it witness intimidation, seen some success with historic cases but doesn’t mean the problem gone away even if the newspaper headlines have moved on

    see [url][/url] stats are right at end

    which for Sheffield shows 70 cse related recorded offences for year ending April 2017 and 11 charges or summons issued, no cautions issued.
    Live investigations at the end of April 17.
    This is the number of investigations we have across the force at this time.
    Barnsley 32
    Doncaster 29
    Rotherham 77
    Sheffield 54
    Total 192
    This presumably does not include the historic cases under operation stovewood headed up by the NCA


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