David Blunkett: Why it wasn’t just one man who brought terror to Manchester

Let us be absolutely clear, the attack on innocent people at the Manchester Arena on Monday night was not perpetrated by just one killer.

All those who suspected what he was prepared to do, all those who encouraged or advised him, all those who had just the slightest of worries, all are culpable.

Because it is isn’t just those who commit such horrendous crimes who are guilty. No, it is everyone who in any way connives in their journey to terror.

That is why the calls once again for people to pull together are entirely correct. However, it needs more than just goodwill or cooperation to ensure community cohesion.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/analysis/david-blunkett-why-it-wasn-t-just-one-man-who-brought-terror-to-manchester-1-8558645


9 thoughts on “David Blunkett: Why it wasn’t just one man who brought terror to Manchester

  1. More hypocracy from Labour why is he not applying the same values to his Labour associates in Rotherham those who knew and kept quiet surly are just as culpable


    Local experience has been that social cohesion means total nulabor social control or destruction.


    • Seeing the words Blunkett and then community cohesion was all I could take

      Anyway – IS shredded little girls and their family members in Manchester with a nail bomb; they felt entirely justified in committing this atrocity against a “shameless concert arena”.

      The clue’s in the word shameless, that’s their view, exactly the opinion held by Rotherham Model groomers of their prey


      • Remember it was Blunkett who said there was no limit to the amount of immigration this country could take. But on retirement he didn’t retire to any where like Darnall or Brightside, oh no he’s happily ensconced in the Derbyshire dales along with that other facilitator of mass immigration Roy Hattersley


  3. Typical PC crap from Blunkett ( see Me Vine;s comment above re Labour and PC Labour in Rotherham). The Security Services are doing a sterling job in the UK. Community cohesion is the problem, not the answer. Until the Pakistani (and other immigrant) so called, communities begin to pass on their suspicions about members of said communities who are, or maybe. becoming radicalised or acting strangely, to the Rozzers then we are p^^sing in the wind ! Despite the fact that certain members of RMBC may have been complicit in the activities of the rapist grooming gangs, no one from the “Community” came forward with information to help stop the abuse, The “bringing shame to families” mind-set of the Pakistani persona is the biggest single problem in the non disclosure of information to the Authorities.


  4. I don’t care if all the left wingers on here have a go
    If you look at all these attaks have been carried out by people known to the police for involvement i or associated with them then why don’t they just arrest the suspects now and sort them out before they can commit these atrocities it’s our country’s and residents safety that should take priority not political correctness we need politicians with the balls to carry this out not people like Corbin who sides with them
    On a final note
    We have now got our armed forces patrolling our streets and events but please please don’t put these young people on trial for murder if they shoot one of them they are trained to fight wars not patrol our city’s
    They charge them in a war zone so let’s not put our troops in a impossible position
    If you do not stop on command if you act Suspicaly and you are shot your fault not the serviceman doing his job I hope our politicians remember this and back them to the hilt
    These people need sorting out and I am afraid being political correct will not ans is not working


    • Well said Caven ….we need more radical hard line thinking like that…..but no doubt we won’t get it until thousands more have been killed. Our politicians and our political system is hopeless.


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