Ukip to launch manifesto as election campaigns remain on hold

Ukip has become the first party to end the election campaign truce as it confirms it will launch its manifesto tomorrow.

Defending the decision, leader Paul Nuttall said it was the “best response” to an attack that sought to undermine freedom and democracy.

The party was originally supposed to launch the policy document today, but all national campaigns have been put on hold out of respect for the victims of the Manchester attack.

Labour candidates have been told they can restart local activities today, however it has been suggested that national campaigns may not ramp up again until the weekend.

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UKIP set to resume general election campaign

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall says he is set to resume election campaigning in the wake of the Manchester terror attack.

Explaining his decision to launch his party’s manifesto on Thursday, Mr Nuttall said: “We cannot be cowed or allow our life to be undermined by those who wish to do us harm.”

Government sources say the campaign may be delayed “for several days” in the wake of the suicide bombing.

But Mr Nuttall says the best response is to allow democracy to continue.

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12 thoughts on “Ukip to launch manifesto as election campaigns remain on hold

  1. UKIP we are depending on Paul Nuttall in the general election. Many People are leaving the conservative party after the failed leadership. The labour Party has declined in popularity , .Paul has the answers to making the country great again


  2. The Tories have put a paper candidate up in Rother Valley. Somebody from Nuneaton who has absolutely no profile on the internet. I suggest to the 10,000 Conservatives to switch to UKIP and that will give us 23,000 to Kevin Barrons 20,000.


  3. Tim says “Somebody from Nuneaton who has absolutely no profile on the internet.”
    Google came up with those in its first 5 links when I googled on her name.
    Look a bit further down the links and you will find that this is most probably her mum:
    Now try googling “Lee Hunter”.

    The Torys know how to use the Web, I’ll give them that.


  4. Regular reader. When I googled “Bethan Sian Eddy” Other than, there isn’t a single record for her. How is anybody going to find her when they google the name? As for her twitter and facebook account, can’t see how she is going to help Rother Valley, hardly a tweet or posting. She lives in Nuneaton, sounds nothing more than an opportunist to me. Sounds like she has only stood as a ward councillor previously in “Nuneaton Weddington ward: Nuneaton and Bedworth local election, Conservative and Unionist Party on 5 May 2016”. I think you will find that UKIP Rother Valley and Lee Hunter have a much higher profile on the internet and something is happening this weekend that will raise Lee’s profile on the streets even more. Cheers Tim


    • Tim
      I googled “Bethan Eddy” the name I found here:
      … and got a whole lot of information.
      Why did you google ““Bethan Sian Eddy” ?
      Lee Hunter has no obvious presence on the World Wide Web – If you think he has provide some links.
      Off topic but just to clarify:
      There is a real difference between “the Internet” and the “World Wide Web”, even if you don’t realise it.
      The Web – is just one component build on the Internet
      Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989.
      The Internet itself is much older, and this tells you something about its birth:
      Much e-mail, in particular, is on the Internet, but not on the Web,.


      • I went by the name on the official paper. file:///C:/Users/Tim/Downloads/Rother_Valley_SOPN_NOP_and_Situation_of_Polling_Stations.pdf As for the internet I was a Telecom manager at HSBC for 15 years and was at the forefront of the internet revolution. Telling me how to suck eggs. Thanks Tim


        • One of your blogs says that you worked for Midland Bank from 1985 for 15 years.
          That was well over 10 years after Peter Kirstein’s team at UCL brought the internet to UK.

          Some of us learned how to suck eggs long before you left school.

          I would very much doubt that in your 15 years with the retail banking side of the Midland Bank you ever used the Internet Protocol for Branch to Processing Centre communication, and it wasn’t used for CHAPS, Swift, TARGET or any other interbank or intrabank system I ever came across in my working life. .

          Btw -the link you provide to what you describe as the “Official Paper” is a link to the copy on your own C:-drive. Duh!
          …and locating your download folder on your C: drive is not a particularly good idea if you have more than one drive on your ‘puter.


        • Regular reader. Worked on Retail/investment banking, offshore etc We were installing routers and firewalls like mad before I left HSBC in June 2000, for branch to data centres. This replaced the X25 network, which I also helped to install in the branch network back in the early 90’s. I was invited to join the new Internet department they were setting up, but declined as I decided to leave HSBC at this point. As for internet versus world wide web, they are interwowen and pretty worthless without each other, make one coeherent whole. I am sure we didn’t let Joe public know what we were up to then and even less likely now. I also had a stint in the Main date centre at Tankersley an absolute fortress. Cheers Tim


  5. So which Home Secretary and now Prime Minister cut the police budget by millions and cut the budget to Greater Manchester Police?
    If by chance a Tory candidate is spotted in the borough do ask them.


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