Tory lead cut to five points as Corbyn closes in on May

Theresa May’s poll lead has fallen to five points a fortnight before the general election — the smallest margin over Labour since she came to power.

A YouGov poll for The Times puts Labour on 38 per cent of the vote, up three points since the end of last week and the party’s best performance since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in September 2015.

The Conservatives are down one point to 43 per cent, the Liberal Democrats up one point to 10 per cent and Ukip up one to 4 per cent.

If the swing is replicated in every constituency Mrs May would lose seats and the Conservatives would have an overall majority of two, down from 17.

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Are the Tories losing ground or regaining it?

The latest polling looks like the Tories have lost support in the wake of the Manchester attack. But these numbers must be placed in chronological context

Our first poll since the terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday night show that the Conservatives now lead Labour by five points (43% to 38%). This compares to our previous poll – for last weekend’s Sunday Times – that showed the Tories on 44% and Labour on 35%.

On the face of it, the latest numbers appear to suggest that the Conservatives have lost support in the wake of the Manchester atrocity. However, given the many big events of the past week, it is vital to put the latest figures in some chronological context.

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Tories’ lead over Labour down to five points in first poll since Manchester bombing

The Conservatives’ advantage over Labour has narrowed to just five points in the first opinion poll taken since Monday night’s suicide bomb attack in Manchester.

The YouGov survey for The Times, conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, put the Conservatives down a point on the previous week on 43% and Labour up three on 38%, with Liberal Democrats up one on 10% and Ukip up one on 4%.

A TNS/Kantar poll taken before Monday night’s atrocity put the Conservatives down five points on 42%, with Labour up five on 34%, Lib Dems up a point on 9% and Ukip down two on 4%.

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3 thoughts on “Tory lead cut to five points as Corbyn closes in on May

  1. We have been told how UKIP’s vote got crucified in the local elections. However many of us decided to vote for Independents in the local and will be going back to voting UKIP at the nationals. How can anybody vote for Corbyn who would be happy to see mass uncontrolled immigration or for Theresa May who was a total failure as home secretary and Tory pledges on immigration are laughable.


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