YP Comment: Standing up to the forces of evil. Soldiers in a show of strength

WHAT turned a British citizen, born and bred here, into a jihadist who was prepared to blow himself up – and innocent young people leaving a pop concert – in his home city?

Answering this question is now fundamental to the police and security operation that is in full swing after the cowardly extremist Salman Abedi perpetuated one of the worst terrorist attacks in this country’s history.

As the world shares Manchester’s grief, the Government’s rapid response – including the deployment of soldiers outside 10 Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace in a very visible show of strength – reflects the seriousness of the current threat.

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22 thoughts on “YP Comment: Standing up to the forces of evil. Soldiers in a show of strength

  1. We have now got our armed forces patrolling our streets and events but please please don’t put these young people on trial for murder if they shoot one of them they are trained to fight wars not patrol our city’s But they will do the job they are tasked with I for one have every confidence in our troops
    But Let’s not put our troops in a impossible position
    If you do not stop on command, if you act Suspicaly, and you are shot your fault not the serviceman doing his job I hope our politicians remember this and back them to the hilt


  2. This is one comment that I considered using a nom de plume. There will be a tidal wave of flack from pot heads and libertines coming my way to be sure….. I prefer a peaceful life and I am a coward at heart. Some things are more important than fear and someone needs to say them..
    Understanding the Islamic mind and why they consider us infidels and therefore disposable may give us some understanding of the fanatical mindset but the resolution is much more difficult to accomplish
    .The problem is multi facited but here are some clues.
    Dr Max Pemberton explanation require some thought and investigation.
    Salmon Abidi… heavy cannabis user
    Muhayadin Mire…..ditto
    Ayoub El Khazzni…ditto Charlie Hebdo massacre
    Said Kouchi ….ditto Charlie Hebdo massacre
    Omar Mateer …ditto Orlando club massacre.
    Seifeddine Rezgui..ditto Tunisia beach gunman..
    Dr Max Pemberton says influential people who should know better and also defend and encourage cannabis use and push to decriminalize it should be ashamed of themselves….
    It’s not rocket science to conclude that drugs and sexual abuse of children go hand in hand. Anybody willing to tell me that the vile culprits in Rotherham didn’t use dope would be a surprise to me .
    Being a grandmother it pains me to say this but Western Society have slowly and systematically sexualized our children to the point where crazy, doped up fanatics can view our children as white trash and therefore disposable.
    I never heard of Aria Grande but checked out what is was about her that made her the heroin of children as young as six. On reading the lyrics of her songs I wondered why children as young as 6 would be in the arena.
    An ideal venue for some vile excuse for humanity to commit mass murder and think he’s doing his god a favour.


    • If anyone is interested they can find the origin of Ms Wheeler’s posting here:
      “Potheads: DR MAX PEMBERTON asks if marijuana is a factor in jihadi murders as he says the liberal elite who push for looser drug laws should be shamed”
      Pemberton creates a list of terrorists – from over a period of 15 years and different countries of origin who were cannabis users. .. and then adds some references to medical research that shows that use of cannabis can have negative mental effects ,
      He then asks, but rightly doesn’t try to answer the question “is marijuana a factor in jihadi murders?”
      With more than 30% of UK residents having used cannabis, and, thankfully so few terrorists it would be a hard case to make.
      One aspect of his piece that I disagree with is:
      “Religious belief tends to be associated with lower rates of alcohol and drug use, but cannabis has been shown to increase people’s preoccupation with religion, especially in young men.”.
      That is somewhat inaccurate.
      … try this link for a short list of the more well-known religion related drugs: http://listverse.com/2008/05/11/top-10-psychoactive-substances-used-in-religious-ceremonies/
      The article is largely just another piece of Mail click-bait,

      But Ms Wheeler then goes on to say:
      “It’s not rocket science to conclude that drugs and sexual abuse of children go hand in hand. Anybody willing to tell me that the vile culprits in Rotherham didn’t use dope would be a surprise to me .”
      This is just the lady going off on her own little hobbyhorse
      It is certainly likely that, along with some 30% of UK residents, many of the perpetrators did smoke cannabis. So what?
      Linda: Correlation is not Causation. — and Linda, if you don’t know what that means, google will tell you.


      • There you go Reg, I knew it; Can’t help yourself can you. Insult instead of argument is always the arsenal of the left and Reg you always manage to slip in an insult somewhere that gives you the false notion of intellectual supremacy. My post always interest you enough (to the point of being unhealthy I believe ) to fly to your computer and dig deep in order to exercise your self righteous contempt of anyone who despises PC…. Unfortunately for you Reg you may have met your match. I enjoy an intellectual arm wrestle and have a few bricks of my own to fire back…
        . I venture to say Reg Dr Pemberton speaks accurately of you and your libertine mates when he says you should be ashamed of yourself……You should know better…. Having brains leaking out of your ears is not necessarily synonymous with wisdom.
        I suspect you may have had a puff or too and diagnosed yourself as normal there fore cannabis harmless. I advise you to take your own advice and refer to google .Try the pages you don’t agree with to give you a broader view.
        I think Reg your 30% of dope smokers may be underestimated. Perhaps is ONE reason Britain is in the s..t it is in. Think about it.


        • Linda. Please lay off Reg. ..he’s suffering from Dunning Kruger syndrome and can’t help himself.


        • Dear Ed Shrink,
          Couldn’t help meself…I’m suffering from some sort of phobia about the name Reg… Perhaps some progressive left wing libertine may come up with a new defining word and add it to to add to all the rest ending with the letters ‘ist’……and call it ‘hate speach’


  3. I would like to see soldiers with guns on the streets of all our major cities, why are they focusing on London, when the last major attack happened in the North. This should then allow more police officers to be distributed elsewhere into communities like Dinnington/Anston. I have never been happy with police officers patrolling with guns, but do believe that all police officers should have to carry taser guns on them at all times.


    • Really Tim, you would like to see soldiers with guns on the streets of all our major cities ?
      As I cant say it better myself here is the view of Peter Hitchens :
      “Troops on the streets, indeed. What a futile non-answer to the problem of terrorist murder this is, and what a complete departure from centuries of British liberty.
      In all my travels, often to less fortunate parts of the world, troops posted on the streets have been an invariable sign of a society on the skids, and a government that prefers force to thought.
      How humiliating and embarrassing that such scenes should come to our great free capital.
      Actually, I suspect it’s something our dim state machine has wanted to do for ages, and now thinks it has the excuse for. Mrs May’s Cabinet, ignorant and lacking the robust old British loathing of such things, gave in and let it happen.
      What is far worse is that the idea was not then mocked and jeered off the stage by the rest of us, as the ridiculous Blair creature’s futile dispatch of tanks and troops to Heathrow was back in 2003.
      Year by year our hopeless egalitarian schools and our joke universities turn out more and more citizens who don’t know that you have to defend liberty all the time if you want to keep it.
      Can anyone explain to me how militarising the country and dotting it with armed men in camouflage battle dress (designed to help them hide in forests) is a rational response to the atrocity in Manchester? Of course not. The two have no connection.
      On the contrary, the sight of a once-great country over-reacting in this pointless way must cause our enemies to snigger in their bushy Islamic beards.
      ‘Look at the infidels scurrying about at our bidding,’ they must think. Why give them this satisfaction? It seems to me, as it has for some time, that old-fashioned beat coppers with a close, intimate knowledge of the areas they patrol would be much more likely to see these atrocities coming than clanking robocops, soldiers or our vaunted and hyped ‘security’ services, who are always claiming to protect us but have failed so completely in this and several other cases. Such killers almost invariably come from among the swirling underworld of drug-taking petty criminals.
      The Manchester murderer, Salman Abedi, was, unsurprisingly, a cannabis abuser. His recent behaviour – yelling prayers in the street – had been strange.
      Ought not someone in authority to have noticed when a bearded young religious fanatic with a drug habit started buying large quantities of hair bleach? He plainly wasn’t planning to become a blond. But who was there to listen to such fears? A police car driving by at 30mph? A phone number that nobody answers? A police station that’s shut?
      I HAVE noticed that any dissent from the standard view of these events is met, on social media and elsewhere, with attempts to claim that my views show some sort of disrespect to the victims and their grieving families.
      I will not give in to this nasty dictatorship of grief.
      I am just as distressed by the horrors of Manchester as anyone else. I refuse to be told I’m not sad enough, because I don’t conform to the Government’s thought-free response to it, which has now been failing for many years. Nor should you be.
      Get the soldiers back into their barracks, and bring back proper police foot patrols.”
      Welcome return comments.


      • Brenda

        I don’t believe police should be walking around our streets with submachine guns or defending major venues like airports. I only believe police should carry guns when actually needed in an incident and that all police should be armed with taser guns to defend themselves.

        Police should be in our communities rooting out the root cause of crime which I believe to be drugs. At the same time we need to get the long term unemployed into decent work, but they shouldn’t have a right to live off welfare for life.

        We are told there is a shortage of police, but that isn’t the case, their numbers are poorly disributed from central locations. I agree driving past in cars isn’t the answer, foot patrols and also police on cycles to cover longer distances.

        The current issue we now have in the UK is due to regime change wars and mass uncontrolled immigration. I have a clear conscious, I went on three marches against the Iraq war. When people come to the UK they should come to integrate not to live in separate communities. When mass immigration was first started back in 1948’s this Labour wasn’t required, people were still unemployed from the 2nd world war, it was always done to drive down wages.

        We need to get angry to some degree to resolve this issue, not keep turning the other cheek and saying it will never happen again. Controlled anger can be used to drive through change, but apathy and fear will achieve nothing.




      • Thanks for the invitation to post a comment. Peter Hitchens is my favourite political commentator … USA has one such Ben Shapiro….. Brave ‘stand alone’ men willing to swim against the tide of progressive liberalism. Glad to say they have opportunities to speak in major universities where students have been systematically brainwashed by PC liberals who despise conservative views. Hitchens and Shapiro are well worth a listen on youtube.


  4. Linda
    Well said any one who has lived and worked in extreme Islamic countries will
    Agree these people are totally wired up different to the rest of society
    They do not value life most are totally brain washed from a very young age


        • OK, – but it is only a partial answer, he may know other what he considers “extreme Islamic countries”.

          Caven said in that thread:
          “I was working on the Port of Jabail project a 14.5billion construction of a oil loading Harbour for supper tankers, a military Naval base in 1980 – 1982 my part was the project engineer for the main domestic water supply and ship bunkering systems”
          Jabail is in Saudi Arabia,


        • Maybe Reg you didn’t notice Maltbyblogger was speaking to Caven directly. Or on second thought maybe you did notice. Of course you noticed.!!!!!
          Without ever going to an EXTREME Islamic country , one thing is certain. Islamic countries as a whole are EXTREMELY silent in condemning vile murderous cruel people who identify themselves as The Islamic State and whose only purpose for existence is to terrorize the world until it eventually yields . Even if it means murdering children on mass to achieve it’s aims.


      • Hi maltby blogger. I’m with Caven on this one. From a western perspective Islamic countries treat their women in a way which we would call extreme. We would go to jail if we did the same. What they justify as honour killings is very very extreme, wouldn’t you say..A girl in many Islamic countries would chose her own husband under the threat of murder from father, brother and uncle who believe it honourable and not murder. Prosecution is rare.. Forced marraiges of little girls to old men is common in some Islamic countries. This is one aspect only….How else could one call this other than EXTREME.


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