25 thoughts on “Lee Hunter Rother Valley’s UKIP candidate leaflet

  1. Another class production from the minds at UKIP. There’s only one snag – no ukip activists to deliver them! I suspect hunter will have cleared a space in the corner of his garage for the boxes he can’t get out.


    • Wrong again. The Royal mail will be delivering Lee’s leaflet to all households in Rother Valley, expect one through your door shortly. As for UKIP activists they have better things to do, as the people of Hellaby/maltby saw yesterday and the people of Dinnington will see today.


    • ‘Vote Labour if you want a safe and secure future mate’
      Are you sure about that?

      A wannabe PM who denied he ever met members of the IRA-He lied.

      A wannabe PM who would love to scrap Trident. Tell the workers at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston, Berkshire and the shipyard workers at BAE Systems’ shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness their jobs are at risk.

      A wannabe PM who blames our foreign policy for terrorist attacks.
      How does he then explain the attacks in Sweden? On Swedish foreign policy?

      A wannabe PM who voted 537 times against the Labour government.

      Corbyn is part of the establishment who has been an MP for decades drawing a generous salary to fund his attendance at rallies, usually against his own government
      He pretends to care about the poor. but is really more interested in an ideological war than in supporting the people he purports to champion.

      Safe and secure?
      You’re having a laugh.


      • 95% of Labour M.P’s wanted to remain in the EU. Kevin Barron was a remainer all through the referendum campaign, Kevin has voted for EU migration during his time in Parliament. Kevin Barron has been a poor representative for Anston/Dinnington as far as I am concerned.


      • Yes, Barry must surely be having a laugh. Credit to him for trying to cheer us up in these dire political and social circumstances we find ourselves in.
        As for Mr Hunter, I realised the other day that he lives just up the road from me – theres a UKIP poster in his window. There’s a Labour poster in the window of one of our Kev’s family on the same street too. That’s all the campaigning I’ve noticed in all of Maltby … thank goodness 😉


  2. Bottom-right on the first page it says “ Search UKIPRotherham on Twitter and Facebook” .
    It seemed a bit strange that it couldn’t just give the URLs of the Twitter and Facebook Accounts, but well I did go and search, and the best I could come up with was:
    For Twitter: .https://twitter.com/ukiprotherham?lang=en-gb
    – it is an account that was set-up in Sept 2014, and hasn’t been active since Nov 2014.
    For Facebook, there are a couple of likely accounts:
    1. UKIP Rotherham https://www.facebook.com/groups/115535335273872/
    A Closed Group – Admin John Wilkinson, 346 Members.
    2. UKIP Rotherham https://www.facebook.com/groups/160353717647020/
    A Closed Group – Admin Matthew Eyre. 18 Members.

    What a shambles!
    …and why?
    … when the candidate now has his own twitter and facebook accounts

    Can UKIP get anything right?


    • Thanks for the links RR.
      I have found a FB page for UKIP Rotherham https://www.facebook.com/UKIP-Rotherham-762963177074874/ seems to be up-to date.
      I also found The FB account for Lee Hunter https://www.facebook.com/leehunterukip/ which lacks anything credible locally regarding his campaign apart from a picture of some of the UKIP Councillors standing holding UKIP plackards the rest is just shared content it does have 53 followers.
      The blog https://leejameshunterrothervalleyukip.wordpress.com
      also lacks anything meaningful with regards his campaign is Lee Hunter taking this seriously who is his campaign manager? Do they even have a campaign strategy seeing as tho the UKIP Rotherham commitee stood down last month.
      The blog does state where Lee will be, but it seems standing at main roads and Roundabouts is about all Lee’s campaign is looking at the pictures there is even someone standing in the middle of the roundabout at Hellaby?
      But you “can help to support Lee gaining UKIP’s first seat in Rother Valley please give him a shout” so the latest post says, at least they have got that right because that’s all about you can do while driving past negotiating the roads and other road users while having Vote UKIP plackards waving at you while you pass I’m sure this is dangerous this could lead to someone having an accident.


      • 🙂 Anonymous !
        Do we know what times of day he is likely to be on the roundabout at Hellaby ? I pass there every day at least once but not seen anything yet. Think will go today and look, as a special Bank Holiday outing.


  3. This reminds me of going into the Eu referendum count in Sheffield. Out numbered 10 to 1 by remoaners, bragging and sneering about how they would win. However the longer the night went on the quieter they got. At the end of the night, I misheard the result, but all the Brexiteers started jumping up and down. The faces of people like Angela Smith was a picture with their chins on the face. At the moment Lee is receiving lots of phone calls and requests to meet people following his leaflet being delivered to every household in Rother Valley by the Royal Mail.


  4. Lee says “He is passionate about the things that concern local people”.
    However at the UKIP’s manifesto launch UKIP made a pledge unlikely to be popular with the pub trade and the local community.
    The manifesto argues for the repeal of the 2003 Licensing Act, Blair’s ‘café culture’ law which brought in late opening hours, and appears to want to cut the number of pubs:
    “To protect emergency workers from abuse, we will repeal the 2003 Licensing Act and bring in new legislation to reduce the density of alcohol outlets and restrict trading times.”
    The current 2003 Licensing Act has allowed venues to stay open later, boost consumer spending in their regions and helped reduce the rush that was previously felt as pubs all closed at the same time. Any return to the old system would be a hugely retrograde action and unhelpful for pubs, restaurants and bars.
    UKIP are permanently stuck in reverse gear. The UKIP 2015 Manifesto was wishy, washy on the Smokefree Legislation, with fear of upsetting the establishment and exposing their lies. Now 2 years on they fall in line with the establishment …
    Only last week, UKIP’s leader Paul Nuttall slammed Labour’s plans to tackle the “large-scale demise” of pubs, claiming the party’s plans “demonstrate complete lack of joined-up thinking”.
    Nuttall, who claims to be a long-time advocate of UKIP’s ‘SAVE THE PUB campaign’, which he has now backslides from said Labour’s plans which are intended to tackle the decline of pubs will “do anything but that”.
    He added: “What brewers, publicans and pubgoers alike need is a sensible plan to save the pub, Labour is not it”. Seems UKIP’s isn’t either.

    “Reduce the density of alcohol outlets”! What would Nigel say?
    I wonder what Lee feels about his party’s decision?

    I would also like to know if Lee supports his Leaders comments on radical Islam, Nuttall said
    “that there is a cancer that needs to be cut out” he also said that “It is enough to light candles and proclaim that extremist will not beat us and that action is required on multiple fronts”
    Is this what Lee means in “Protecting British Culture”
    Does Lee also agree with UKIP’s Policy to’ ban wearing face coverings in public’ which has had criticism from within his own party. Nuttall said “it prevents intake of essential vitamin D from sunlight” this is a laughable comment and shows how much thought has been put into this radical policy.

    Thankfully, there is little chance of UKIP sweeping to victory at the general election, but if any additional measures were to be considered by the major parties, this would be unhelpful for businesses and local communities.



    • Read yesterday that Nuttall is concerned that anyone wearing a burkha/ face cover is not getting enough Vitamin D from sunlight when they are out and about.
      Just think of the saving to the NHS that could be made by less people suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.


  5. Mr Hunter makes no mention of the UKIP commitment to a grammar school for Rotherham. I can only presume it isn’t to be in Rother Valley then? Perhaps Mr Hunter could confirm that?

    I’ve also noted that Mr Nuttall has promised that there will be local referenda (or referendums) on fox-hunting?

    Perhaps Mr Hunter (sic!) could tell us whether that is one referendum for each constituency or one for each local authority or each county? Can he also confirm that fox-hounds will also be required to undertake training so they can recognise these boundaries?


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