Rise in referrals at Rotherham CSE support centre after BBC drama

A SUPPORT centre in Rotherham for child sexual exploitation victims reported a spike in referrals following the airing of the BBC TV drama Three Girls.

Swinton Lock Activity Centre had a dozen new victims get in contact after the eye-opening show.

Three Girls, a three-parter which aired last week, told the true story of victims from the 2012 Rochdale grooming scandal involving gangs of Asian men.

Swinton Lock chief executive Jayne Senior said: “We saw an immediate increase in referrals and the programme also had an effect on those we were already supporting.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,rise-in-referrals-at-rotherham-cse-support-centre-after-bbc-drama_22704.htm

11 thoughts on “Rise in referrals at Rotherham CSE support centre after BBC drama

  1. It looks like we have got a difference of opinions Jayne senior and Swindon lock saying one thing and Rmbc saying another or is it another way of Swindon lock looking for funding as Danny was doing on the Katie Hopkins phone in really desperate


  2. Why would anyone want to attack a small charity that works with vulnerable people not just victims and survivors of cse but young children who access the centre for respite aswell as working with disabled adults,are you trying to get Swinton lock shut down ??? and as you are a father of a survivor Gary why would you want to attack a nother father for trying to voice his opinions and raise awareness


    • Who’s attacking just asking for clarification honest Bob just being honest I suppose like Danny who as had no help ?


      • As for being honest the council wouldn’t no how to be honest ,, and as for Danny do you no him and what help and support he as had other than Swinton lock


    • Well what ever it’s called GARY so you trying to say media didn’t report it and I’m pretty sure it was on here aswell GARY


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