5 thoughts on “Adam Carter LibDem for Rotherham Constituency leaflet

  1. DR Carter must have a lot of spare time on his hands.
    The newly elected Brinsworth and Catcliffe Cllr now a Parlimentary candidate.
    He says he wants to fight for Rotherham’s future what has he done in his ward since being elected? has he delivered on his election promises?
    If he is also that concerned about Rotherham’s future why has he used a printers for his leaflet in Essex and not a local Rotherham business.
    How his he also going to reduce the class sizes in Rotherham?
    One of his election pledges in the locals was to push forward the New school in Waverley being built I haven’t even heard him say anything about this since being elected the date for completion is still 2020.
    He is good at promising a lot, but overall weak on delivering what he promises.



    • Shame you weren’t able to catch Dr Carter’s first meeting of full council – he questioned the council leadership at great length about the Waverley school.


  2. Well that graph is horrendously inaccurate, the gap’s are way out.

    The gap between Labour and UKIP was 130 votes, yet it appears bigger than the gap between Labour and UKIP, a gap of almost 1’481 votes. Similarly a tiny gap shown between UKIP and the Conservatives, yet that gap was 298 votes.

    Why does he feel he has to manipulate and distort things already?? He’s not the MP yet.


    • Yes, that bar chart is rather incorrect.
      By downloading the image and loading it into Photoshop, I can get a reasonable estimate of the height of each bar in pixels.
      A quick go at it has::
      LibDem with 2000 votes represented by 206 pixels
      Labour with 519 votes represented by 139 pixels
      UKIP with 389 votes represented by 66 pixels
      Cons with 91 votes represented by 56 pixels
      It just doesn’t add up.
      (e and oe)


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