The sheer idiocy of the far right makes you proud to be British

Whatever happened to the racist rabble-rousers? A terrorist attack carried out by someone with a warped vision of Islam should be rich pickings for far-right extremists to whip up some hate.

Instead we have Ukip’s Paul Nuttall, a man who would struggle to whip up a trifle.

Sensing his own descent into irrelevance, Mr Nuttall is trying to rebrand the party of racists into the party of rickets, professing to be concerned only about the vitamin D levels of Muslim women…

… Maureen Vines, a former local Ukip treasurer, mocked him this week as an “idiot” who would probably turn up looking for votes in the north of England with a whippet and a flat cap.

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3 Responses to The sheer idiocy of the far right makes you proud to be British

  1. Thothages says:

    Maureen who? Pass the fags………

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ukip activists ridicule ‘car crash’ leader Paul Nuttall warning he is leading party to election defeat…

    Comments from UKIP Cllr Allen Cowles Parlimentary candidate for Rotherham.
    With the comments made from him about his party Leader one has to ask as to why he is standing?


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