Halifax profile: Key marginal whose political future hangs by a thread

IN a town whose mills once clattered to the noise of a thousand looms, there is a certain irony in watching its political future hang by a thread.

Elsie Whiteley knew the value of textiles to Halifax better than anyone. Born at the turn of the 20th century and put to work at 12 as a machinist, she went on to create a fashion brand which in the pre-Carnaby Street era could be seen on the West End counters of Selfridge’s and John Lewis.

If her name resonates today, it is most likely because of the “innovation centre” on Hopwood Lane which bears her name. Innovation is in short supply in the immediate surroundings, a jumble of West Riding terraces and lock-ups that say more about Halifax’s past than its future.

It is here in the Elsie Whiteley Centre, among the creative and digital startups, that Holly Lynch has her office. She has been the town’s Labour MP for just two years, selected with seven weeks’ notice and elected with a slender majority of 428 – the party’s most marginal in the region.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/halifax-profile-key-marginal-whose-political-future-hangs-by-a-thread-1-8564389

The Halifax child abuse trial can’t help labour’s cause:


3 thoughts on “Halifax profile: Key marginal whose political future hangs by a thread

  1. Lynch doesn’t seem to have asked any Parliamentary questions or called for a public enquiry into gang grooming in West Yorkshire – there were 3 trials in 2016, Keighley, Halifax and Dewsbury

    This is in contrast with the Telford MP

    “An MP has called for an inquiry into why child sex abuse has been going on in Telford for “over 20 years”.


    tip of the iceberg as per


    But that’s Labour – political correctness and votes win every time


  2. Healey and Barron failed to ask for an enquiry into CSE
    When asked by constituents they said it would not be helpful
    But now we must ask who whould it have been unhelpful for
    Certainly not for the victims


  3. Here’s a telling and instructive example of a connection between gangs, gang rape, large group witness intimidation, Islamism and terrorism

    “At the time it made me think another one could go on to commit a terrorist act and Salman clearly has.”

    The 16-year-old private schoolgirl, who had little experience with boys, was lured to a hotel in inner-city Manchester by the attackers who had spent the previous night there celebrating Eid.

    The victim then became involved in what she believed to be a game of hide and seek, before being forced into a room by the group, who then took turns to rape her after deciding she was “easy prey”, according to the judge.

    Speaking to the Mail last year on the campaign of harassment waged against the family, in which she said crowds numbering as many as 50 family members and friends of the attackers showed up to offer support to the rapists, the victim’s mother said: “I was frightened throughout and my husband was frightened. There were so many of them and many of them would goad me when I walked past and deliberately try to intimidate us.”


    and anti-semitism

    “A detained cousin of the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi previously made antisemitic rants on social media and voiced his hatred for the UK.

    Abderahman Forjani, 21, was arrested with his brother, Abdalla Forjani, 24, on Tuesday at their family home in Fallowfield. On Friday at 5.15am the barber shop they ran, Fade Away, was raided by police.

    In a series of posts the younger brother said that he hoped the UK would go “bankrupt soon”, that it was “sucking up” his money and that he would be rich living elsewhere.

    “If only Hitler was still alive — these Jews would be burnt in chambers,” he wrote in one post. In 2013 he put up a picture of himself with his cousin, who killed 22 people and injured 120 in a suicide bombing in the Manchester Arena a week ago.”


    Hard to think of a more toxic package off-hand


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