Questions for UKIP’s Allen Cowles.

With the election just a few weeks away I would like to ask a few questions about UKIP’s Allen Cowles.

Where is He?

What has he been doing campaign wise?

There is little in any voice or campaign from UKIP’s Allen Cowles, no Leaflet as yet and the royal mail has been posting campaign election communications material from all the other candidates, has he even produced a Leaflet? Has he missed the deadline for the royal mail, free election mail shot?

There is a FB page (, but this has very little information on his campaign with more about the EU.

What is Allen Cowles going to do for Rotherham?

What are his Pledges?

Reading and commenting on the UKIP’s candidate for Rother Valley Lee Hunter at least he has been seen, be at the side of main roads and roundabouts Lee also has a social media presence and a leaflet has been received from his voters, but nothing from UKIP Rotherham candidate Allen Cowles he has however supplied a comment to the Rotherham Advertiser.

Reading also on another post seems Allen Cowles is also not happy with the way his Party Leader is Leading his Party.

With comments like…

Mr Nuttall should fall on his sword after the expected election defeat” does this comment mean that Mr Cowles doesn’t expect any UKIP MPs to be elected in this election, doesn’t show much enthusiasm for his party, so the question is why are you standing Mr Cowles?

Is Allen Cowles just a paper candidate if so why should we vote for him and UKIP in Rotherham ever again, his loyalty to UKIP Voters in Rotherham holds no bounds.

Why has he decided to stand in Rotherham and not Rother Valley were he stood in the 2015 general election?

His other comments about his Leader also show that Mr Cowles has contempt and distain for his Party and Leader saying “Ukip will have to make a further change in my view,  I think we will have to have another leadership election. I think it’s very difficult to believe that someone can have the kind of car crash that happened in Stoke and then be expected to carry on. It needed somebody to come along, after the squabbling and the infighting and provide a safe pair of hands and steady as you go. Unfortunately, he only added to the chaos.”

The article and Mr Cowles comments can be found here

Does Councillor Cowles feel betrayed by his local party committee members all standing down? his comments about his Party Leader where shared by his colleagues who stood down only last month. So if Mr Cowles wasn’t the opposition Leader and Councillor for the Sitwell Ward would he have also stood down. Seems like UKIP Rotherham will be without a local council candidate come the all out elections in 2020.

There is also no UKIP Candidate for Wentworth and Dearne I wonder why this is?


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27 Responses to Questions for UKIP’s Allen Cowles.

  1. rothpol says:

    To be fair to Allen Cowles, all of the questions relating to candidate selection, were not Allen’s responsibility, but the responsibility of the Branch Chair Caven Vines, now resigned. It is to Caven Vines, those questions should be addressed. Caven may wish to provide suitable answers?

    What Allen is responsible for, and for which he may reasonably held to account, are his criticisms of the party and the leader in particular!

    Many, less charitable than me, have characterised this as ‘bringing the party into disrepute’, most political parties would regard this as a ‘hanging offence’, perhaps?

  2. Anon says:

    If you were to look at UKIP party rules you will see that the role of the Branch Chair is to ensure there are candidates in place.
    A cynical person might conclude that the failure to have candidates in place casts a very different light on the former Branch Chair’s resignation than the verbose protestations that have been put forward.
    I understand that it was the deliberate “strategy” of the former Branch Chair not to have UKIP candidates standing in Rotherham and Wentworth & Dearne.

    • Thothages says:

      Anon & Rothpol

      You are absolutely spot on.

      In fact, I understand it was the members that turned on Caven Vines for not having done much in particular (nothing new there) and locate the three suitable PCC candidates for the June 2017 General Election. This was of course, his job and one he had always (and preciously) hung onto despite his inability to do it. Look at his track record.

      He had done virtually nothing and quite rightly was brought to account by the members, His usual response would be to get rid of those who challenge him but this was different. They had had enough.

      His response was always, to show the same boorish attitude and ‘shouting’ behaviour, stamp his feet, throw his toys out of the pram and set about causing as much damage as he could.

      His lack of honesty (and the deliberate deflection) of why he had really resigned was used by blaming the UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall and the UKIP party using whatever media opportunity he could muster. I wonder why? Well, it’s not that long ago that Paul Nuttall (when visiting Rotherham) told Caven Vines straight that ‘he (CV) was not bigger than the party’.

      In my view, CV demonstrates the typical behaviour of an underachiever who in his case, is to always respond with anger, feel bruised and hit out at everyone no matter what or when he doesn’t get his own way.

      There is no self reflection, dignity, integrity or attempt to change atrocious behaviours and attitude. Hence why his ‘plan’ no doubt (along with his wife and a ‘fan’), is to run away and cause as much disruption and damage as possible through the media.

      Typically, he is now hiding behind his wife’s skirts. He was, still is and always will be ‘unfit for purpose’ and continues to behave like a boorish bully. What is really sad, is that he does not think people can see through him. He does a great disservice to some excellent Rotherham UKIP councillors and members including those he has pushed out.

      After all, was it not the members and councillors who made a significant contribution towards paying off his first legal payment (£15k) in his court case? He denounces them now through his actions. So much for loyalty.

      Caven Vines and his wife are yesterday’s fish ‘n’ chip paper.

  3. Caven vines says:

    When I resigned from the party
    Their was only one candidate selected and accredited by HQ
    Due to the rules imposed by the party leadership and NEC
    That was Lee Hunter
    Cllr Allen Cowles did not wish to stand this time
    And was not qualified under the imposed rule should
    And interference from the party leadership and NEC
    This one of the main reasons I decided to resign from the party they were also
    Doing deals around not standing in certain seats that conflicted with the conservatives
    I said on this blog a few years ago in answer to Sally Taylor that if UKIP did a deal with
    The conservatives I would resign as I did not join UKIP to dose aka with other party’s
    UKIP and its candidates should stand on their own ticket
    Why Allen Cowels decided to stand as what can only be a paper candidate in Rotherham
    You will have ask him
    To my mind a better choice would have been to stand in Wentworth and Dearne
    But that is solely my own opinion
    So now you know no one except Lee Hunter was qualified to be a candidate
    Only othe who wanted to stand in Rother Valley was Cllr Nigel Simpson who did not complete accreditation and vetting as required by HQ
    No one else from Rotherham branch put their name forward
    What happend after I resigned you will need to ask Allen Cowles who is now acting branch chairman

  4. Caven vines says:

    If members of the branch wanted to stand they all knew that
    They would have to pay £50 and attend an accreditation vetting
    Venue for this region it was held in Nottingham with out this the
    Rules would not let them stand
    No member from Rotherham put forward to be vetted except
    Lee Hunter who was approved and Cllr Nigel Simpson showed an interest but failed to
    Get approved
    Allen Cowels said he did not wish to stand
    After Lee Hunter was selected by the branch as the only candidate tone approved
    For Rother Valley and at that time the branch committee agreed that with the
    Limited resources available and no assistance from HQ that Rotherham branch would
    Make Rother Valley their target selected seat
    As t was felt it was the weakest of the three
    The two vacant seats were reported to HQ
    For them to select candidates if any
    Only one name was
    Put forward by The Regional organiser a Steve Winston
    from Sheffield who rang me on the night of the
    Branch meeting to say he would not be attending
    As it transpired he had not been accredited or
    I could have put candidates in place as Chair
    But was not allowed without Them being accredited by HQ
    No other Rotherham Member wanted to put
    Their name forward
    So Anon who ever you are that is the facts

  5. Caven vines says:

    You are the one making up story’s
    and hiding behind
    A screen because you are not man enough
    To say things in your own identity
    Be a man and don’t hide behind a screen
    You are a coward and a weesil

  6. big bird . says:

    the one thing i can say about Cllr Cowles he has shown much more concern for the good residents of Eastwood (whats left of them ) than all the labour councillors and mp champion .

  7. Caven vines says:

    Totally agree big bird

  8. matthewjeyre says:

    In response to Anonymous
    UKIP’s Rotherham’s decision regarding targetting is surely not a surprise.
    A focus on Rother Valley is logical, it is at current the most winnable seat in the Rotherham area, and it is better for a party like UKIP to have a MP rather than two second places, however strong they may be. Thus economically and in terms of manpower the focus has been placed on Rother Valley.
    The opinions of Cllr Cowles on Paul Nuttall are his opinions and he is entitled to them. It is surely better if he is honest about his feelings about the leader of his party rather than lie and give pretend support, or would you prefer our elected representatives to lie?? If so, then you take a different stance to myself and UKIP Rotherham, as we prefer honesty and transparency.
    Members of other parties have been extremely critical of their leaders. I seem to remember a “bloody difficult woman” comment stemming from a former Conservative cabinet member about Mrs May; and let us not forget two of our very own local MPs resigned from Mr Corbyn’s top team; i’d say that shows much more discontent and distain with a leader than the words of Cllr Cowles.
    Equally, whilst it is perhaps apt of you to predict no MPs for UKIP, that isn’t synonymous with defeat. It is likely Labour will be defeated at the upcoming election, but that doesn’t mean they won’t win any seats.
    You will have to ask Cllr Cowles why he is standing, but it is true he initially wasn’t going to stand, hence Lee Hunter’s candidacy in Rother Valley, but decided to stand for Rotherham. Surely another candidate on the ballot paper in Rotherham is a good thing for democracy and not something we should criticise.
    I see little criticism of the Conservatives here, despite their candidates stemming from Harrogate, Vauxhall and Nuneaton… i’m sure reader’s will make of that what they will, or of Sarah Champion being from Derbyshire… but again, their call.
    For UKIP the Stoke by-election was a bad result. In the view of many Nuttall wasn’t the correct candidate for the seat, but hindsight is wonderful… sometimes.
    You state “So if Mr Cowles wasn’t the opposition Leader and Councillor for the Sitwell Ward would he have also stood down.” What would he have had to stand down from exactly.
    The situation regarding the Wentworth and Dearne constituency is unfortunate. The most likely situation, a situation which occurred after the resignation of UKIP Rotherham committee members, would have been that I (having been vetted by HQ in Nottingham) would have stood for UKIP in Wentworth and Dearne. Due to University commitments I was unable to do so and no other candidate could be sourced within the time limit. So please wonder no longer.
    In response to rothpol and Anon.
    You are quite right, Cllr Cowles had nothing to do with candidate selection.
    However, I have heard nothing of any strategy regarding a non-candidate in Wentworth and Dearne, and can see no logical reason why UKIP Rotherham would make that decision, or who it would benefit, but would be interested in hearing your thought on it. I love a good conspiracy theory.
    In response to Thotages
    I shan’t comment on the track record of Mr Vines or that of any other committee member, or on how Mr Vines conducts himself, but will say the following.
    At the last AGM, all the former committee members were elected to their positions, I know, I was there. His decision to resign was his own, the members did not throw him out.
    Mr Vines did much positive work for UKIP, and could always be seen at the counts and on campaign days. He was twice elected a councillor for UKIP in Rotherham and served as the group leader and leader of the opposition. The number of councillors grew under him as chairman and opposition leader up to 14. That is something!
    Only Mr Vines can talk on why he left the party, and I believe he has been thorough in his explanation.
    Rotherham UKIP has some excellent councillors I totally agree, and as they grow into the role they will impress you even more.
    In response to Caven Vines
    UKIP candidates in Rotherham do no deals with the Conservatives as you know. I cannot speak for other areas. The decision seems to have been not to oppose pro-BREXIT candidates, hence no candidate in Vauxhall against Labour’s Kate Hoey. It is just about Conservatives.
    Also, they aren’t agreements. Each branch can make a decision on candidates, as a former chairman would know.
    I struggle to see why Wentworth and Dearne would be a better target than Rotherham but respect your opinion.
    In response to big bird
    You are absolutely right. Cllr Cowles and Cllr Reeder as well as all of UKIP Rotherham want to see the best for Eastwood, but also a fair deal for the other areas of Rotherham… I sometimes wonder if the same could be said about Labour.

    • Timawells says:

      Rother Valley is a winnable UKIP seat. It would be nice to see more UKIP Rotherham members or activists supporting Lee James Hunter at his two remaining events this Friday and Saturday. Can’t find out if the Conservative candidate Bethan Eddy was on the leave or remain side? I am suspecting she was a remainer, because I have had no reply from twitter or facebook. If she was a remainer? why would the Tories stand her in Rother Valley?

      • reg reader says:

        … as I have previously indicated to you, Ms Eddy is the daughter of Amanda Solloway who was MP for Derby North until the election. MS Eddy was her Office Manager in the town.
        It is suggested that Amanda Solloway voted to Remain and I think it can be assumed that her daughter shares her views.

        According to the betting odds, Rother Valley is not a winnable UKIP seat.
        In Rother Valley they are trailing the Tories and far behind Labour.
        So what matters most to you: kicking Barron out by voting Tory, or voting for a no-hoper Leave candidate from UKIP.?

        • Timawells says:

          Regular reader. I asked Bethan Eddy the question directly and by her answer I guess she is a remainer. Hi Tim, thanks for the message. I stand firmly behind Theresa May and am clear: Brexit must mean Brexit. The will of the British people was clear following the outcome of the referendum and if elected on June 8th I will use my vote to ensure it is carried out. How could I vote for Bethan Eddy Tory remainer that has a home address 75 miles away? who I know nothing about, what are her life experiences? As for Lee James Hunter I have just come across some information and wish I hadn’t postal voted for him. If I could still vote, I would say none of the above and spoil my paper. Regards Tim

        • reg reader says:

          Tim, you write:
          “As for Lee James Hunter I have just come across some information and wish I hadn’t postal voted for him. ”
          Maybe you should tell us here what you have found out about Mr Hunter…
          But don’t worry, he is going nowhere – the latest YouGov poll has him at only 11%, with the Torys on 37% and Labour on 46% .

  9. Janet Green says:

    I’m shocked – shocked I say – that UKIP’s Thotages could possibly describe Caven Vines in these terms:
    • His (Caven Vines) usual response would be to get rid of those who challenge him …
    • His response was always, to show the same boorish attitude and ‘shouting’ behaviour, stamp his feet, throw his toys out of the pram and set about causing as much damage as he could…
    • His lack of honesty…
    • CV demonstrates the typical behaviour of an underachiever who in his case, is to always respond with anger, feel bruised and hit out at everyone no matter what or when he doesn’t get his own way…
    • There is no self-reflection, dignity, integrity or attempt to change atrocious behaviours and attitude…
    • Typically, he is now hiding behind his wife’s skirts. He was, still is and always will be ‘unfit for purpose’ and continues to behave like a boorish bully…

    Good heavens. Who was his role model?

    Surely none of this, not a single word, can be true?

    I am sure that Thotages must have got a little muddled between Mr Vines and the star of this vignette:

    Perhaps we could all benefit from a ‘Spot the Difference’ Competition?

  10. Caven vines says:

    My little stalker just can’t help her self
    With this total obsession my name appears and off she goes
    just got have a go
    Must be some kind of mental illness
    But like others never have the guts to say
    It to my face or use their real identity
    How sad you have to feel sorry for them

  11. Caven vines says:

    My little stalker just can’t help her self
    With this total obsession my name appears and off she goes
    just got have a go
    Must be some kind of mental illness
    But like others never have the guts to say
    It to my face or use their real identity
    How sad you have to feel sorry for them

    • Janet Green says:

      Of course, Mr Vines, you will remember that the start of our little spat was your refusal – with lots of ducking and diving – to answer a simple question about UKIP’s policy on grammar schools. I seem to remember that you even managed to deny that it was UKIP policy. Eventually you told us all that it would be up to the officers of Rotherham Council to decide which school should become the grammar school. If that wasn’t so ludicrous, it would be laughable.

      However, I notice that, in its manifesto, UKIP has repeated: “[UKIP will] open a grammar school in every town.”

      So, is it true that you resigned because you still had no answer to the question “Which school in Rotherham is to be UKIP’s designated grammar school?”

      • malcontent says:

        UKIP is portrayed by some as being racist , but with the demographics of educational attainment showing ethnic minorities pupils use of them will be above the indigenous.
        The new grammar school maybe the Madrassa on Alma Road.

        • Janet Green says:

          Of course, it would be quite wrong to suggest that UKIP – including its representatives and members – would ever countenance any discriminatory policy or practice. Although my attention was drawn to a news item earlier today
          “I have mentioned before UKIP will have to make some difficult decisions if it is to move of those difficult decisions is Islam I would like to …
          UKIP councillor calls for Muslims to be banned from joining Nuttall’s party

          Your Alma Road suggestion is interesting, except that, to the best of my knowledge, the Madrassa is not a school and has not expressed any interest in such a designation. However, as I have never attended nor, as far as I am aware, do I know anyone who does attend, I might be entirely incorrect.

          But, I suppose, like me, you are anxious to learn from Lee Hunter about UKIP’s proposals for the Rotherham Grammar School.

  12. Caven vines says:

    Janet or who ever you are
    You are in real need of help you really are not well
    In the head
    Like most stalkers

  13. panty dropper says:

    Bring back Greg Reynolds!!!

  14. Janet Green says:

    I’ve been reflecting on UKIP’s ‘one in; one out’ migration policy.

    Does this mean that if immigrant German citizen Kirsten Farage is going to stay in the UK, then her estranged husband Nigel is required to emigrate?

    Mmm. There may be something in this proposal after all.

    Perhaps Mr Cowles could confirm that this is how it will work.

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  16. Athena the huntress says:

    The question is where were the labour candidates, two hustings events scheduled for Friday evening 02/06, and the labour candidates did not show at either venue in Maltby or Rotherham. Campaigning not going well, Kevin having to knock on doors himself, the question being asked is after 60 years of combined membership of the House from 3 very poor MP’s just what have they done for Rotherham? Visit the town and see for yourself!!
    St Sarah says she has helped 10,000 residents of Rotherham, but none can be found out on the patch.

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