Share your views on neighbourhood policing

DO you have a view on neighbourhood policing?

If so, South Yorkshire Police wants you to take part in an online survey.

The force wants to find out what people think of neighbourhood policing in their area.

The survey asks members of the public for their opinions on neighbourhood policing and the service they receive from the force.

Read on…,share-your-views-on-neighbourhood-policing_22764.htm

2 thoughts on “Share your views on neighbourhood policing

  1. There is a very simple solution, which I have already passed onto the Chief constable of South Yorkshire police along with 3650 signatures to reopen Dinnington police station. For every 1,000 people there are 2 police officers in South Yorkshire. Therefore I suggest creating small hubs for every 25,000, with 25 policemen, this would put 6 on duty at any one time 24/7. This would then leave 1250 policeman to go into a central pot, for centralised duties and for emergency deployment I would have a small portable building either on a car park or incorporated into a public building for very 25,000 people. This building would also be manned 24/7 as a contact point for the public by civilian members of South Yorkshire police and a point of safety for the community. This small portable building would have a desk, meeting room, cell and toilet. I would look at getting rid of the larger police stations like Wath, Maltby and Moss side and do central control from one of the large existing buildings in Sheffield. I would also look at consolidating some of the larger Sheffield buildings, which there are many.


    • Is this a joke response, purporting to come from the 18th century?
      Are they all going to be allocated a horse, and will there be a slate for recording?
      Talk about being totally out of touch with changing crime patterns, criminal behaviour, modern prevention and detection…
      How bonkers do you have to be?
      You can’t call this a business case. I’d expect better from a 10 year old.


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