Scrapping area assemblies ‘wrong move’, says Rotherham councillor

AN OPPOSITION councillor labelled scrapping area assemblies “a step in the dark” as members voted in favour of the move.

The ruling Labour group says the meetings format – introduced in 2000 – is outdated and focuses too much on residents’ problems.

The seven area assemblies will be axed and the money – including chairs’ allowances – will be given directly to councillors to spend in their community.

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11 thoughts on “Scrapping area assemblies ‘wrong move’, says Rotherham councillor

  1. When Area assemblies were introduced we were told “any” questions could be asked at them and now we are told people use them just to moan. Well there’s certainly plenty to moan about in this town which has been in Labour control since before the second world war.


  2. This is another shady move by the ruling Labour group to stifle debate. If there are no reports of complaints then in La La Labour Land everything must be OK.
    ‘Workers have nothing to complain about in a Socialist utopia’.

    More worrying is the report the money saved will be given to councillors. Why?
    Didn’t C.Read Esq. say he would run RMBC on more prudent lines, if so then the money saved should go into the treasury pot?
    Murphy’s Law: Expenditure increases to meet income.
    Scrap the forum where genuine concerns and complaints can be aired then sweeten the deal by giving councillors extra (taxpayers) money.
    You couldn’t make this up.


  3. I dread to think what the three numpties in Dinnington will spend the money on, they will be meeting away from the public gaze to decide where the money will go. You can bet it will be spent in the best way that suits the Labour Party. I have attended many area assemblies and the people that don’t turn up are the borough councillors, with this decision they are off the hook. We can’t even get them to attend a Town Council meeting once a month, so I definitely don’t trust them with the money.
    Dave Smith


  4. This was all about protecting Rose McNeeley & Taiba Yaseen


    Mcneeley: former chair of standards, former cabinet member, former mayor and Akhtars patsy throughout the bulk of the CSE years

    Yaseen: Biraderi chief, British Muslim Youth member, “Rotherham 12” organiser, And current cabinet member responsible for getting shut of area assemblies.

    – too many area assemblies = too many minutes.

    Most people want ‘Owd Rosie to pass on into obscurity without much more ado than a breeze of stale fag-smoke. Noone knows what to do with Yaseen.

    Keep yer eyes peeled



  5. The same is happening this side of the road. The traitorous anti-democratic contemptuous anti-Corbyn self-absorbed fake labourites are behaving like Stalinists, hiding away, refusing to be held to account, closing opportunities to speak out, and silencing complaint. Where are the commissioners? Are they mere useless, toothless puppets? If labour is genuine and truthful about people having a say, people will come, but not when they realise that the public meetings are nothing but a sham. Local labour is a disgrace, shame on them.


  6. Yes but everyone connected to them
    Close ranks and protect them
    Nothing changes
    As soon as they get powers back upto
    Same old tricks


  7. “the money will be given to Councillors”, What a joke. Each councillor is already given £1000 per year “leadership fund” ( what leadership ?.) This money is Taxpayers money, that they are giving back to us and they expect us to be great full . Most do not even achieve to spend the money in that financial year, and the under spend just disappears back into the RMBC coffers. The money that is given away normally only goes to groups that Labour Councillors think will vote for them. But even worse is that its been show that in an election year, the Labour councillors actually manage to increase the “give away”, I wonder why.
    Instead of giving the money to the numpty councillors, just reduce the Council tax. Lastly, In these time of “austerity”, Jeza`s words not mine, have our Labour councillors voted to take a pay cut. Pigs might fly and jezza might press the button.


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