UKIP campaign manager target by thugs in incident that ‘could have killed someone’ according to police


UKIP campaign manager target by thugs in incident that ‘could have killed someone’ according to police

Thugs left a UKIP campaign manager fearing for his life yesterday after torn down political advertising boards, ‘strewn’ with nails, were ‘jammed’ under the wheels of his vehicle while it sat outside his Harrogate home.

Local branch chairman, Andrew Dennis – who is campaign manager for Mike Hookem’s Grimsby election run – only discovered the potentially lethal trap when his sharp-eyed wife spotted the boards under the wheels of his yellow, UKIP branded van as he prepared to pull away.

Mr Dennis subsequently reported the incident to the police; who said the incident, ‘could have resulted in someone being killed,’ had the nails protruding from the boards pierced the vehicle’s tyres.

Speaking of the incident, Mr Dennis said, “having examined how the boards were purposely placed to cause maximum damage to the vehicle’s tyres, I am under no illusion that someone tried to cause me significant harm by interfering with the car’s tyres.”

“Someone had purposely ripped down the Conservative election boards – complete with nails – and jammed them under the wheels of the vehicle, with the nails pointing at the tyres.

“Living in Harrogate and travelling to Grimsby each day means a lot of motorway driving.

“I hate to think of the consequences of a tyre blowing out at those speeds.

“This is just the latest attack on UKIP in the area, but it is the first that could have caused significant injury or even death.

“While I understand that passions can run high during a general election campaign, this act crosses the line from petty political vandalism like defacing signs and posters, into actually endangering life.

Speaking from his Grimsby campaign office, Mike Hookem MEP said, “time and again in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, UKIP have been targeted by petty vandalism. However, this is the first time I have heard of an activist’s life being put in danger.

“I know that the police are considering this as a potential hate crime due to the political dimension and will be stepping up patrols around the area of Andrew’s home. I hope these people are caught in the act before they actually hurt someone!

“There is no place in politics for this kind of act, no matter what party you belong to or what you believe in.”

Photography Credit: Andrew Dennis

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