Yorkshire police trainees ‘pressured not to record crimes’

A Yorkshire police force has been urged to review its practices after its new officers revealed they faced pressure not to record incidents as crimes “to avoid adding to already heavy workloads”.

South Yorkshire Police has admitted it is “disappointed” by what emerged in a report on the views of 16 recruits who had just completed a training course.

Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/yorkshire-police-trainees-pressured-not-to-record-crimes-1-8576165

Ignore PM ‘swarm’ remark on migrants, South Yorkshire police trainees told

New police officers at a Yorkshire force are being told to avoid copying the example of former Prime Minister David Cameron and viewing refugees as a “swarm” rather than individuals.

A document obtained by The Yorkshire Post sets out how recent recruits to South Yorkshire Police are trained to tackle the biggest issues facing the force.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/ignore-pm-swarm-remark-on-migrants-south-yorkshire-police-trainees-told-1-8575993


5 thoughts on “Yorkshire police trainees ‘pressured not to record crimes’

  1. Simply refusing to record crimes has been going on for over a decade – even to the point where those reporting crime are themselves threatened with prosecution by the police and made out to be criminals. Not all bobbies are bent, but covering-up corrupt cops are worse than the criminals they are supposed to catch. The situation in SYP is utterley ludicrous.


  2. When Ralph Winstanley was murdered in his bed, South Yorkshire Police refused to investigate that murder of an old man. Thirteen years on, with official documents submitted to South Yorkshire Police on several occasions and, I believe destroyed by instruction of the most senior officers of that force, we are still no nearer to having his killing investigated and his killer (who did not even have to move home) jailed. Yet those documents show precisely how he was deliebrately killed, who organised that killing and pursued it over months, and finally over 6 long desperate days until he died.

    How many other vulnerable people have also been killed, only to have the killing covered over by South Yorkshire Police senior officers, during that thirteen year period?

    I beleive that Mike Hedges, Meredydd Hughes, Robert Howarth, Bob Dyson, David Crompton.. and the sundry others who seem also to have been on the payroll over the last coupl;e of years, hold the responsibility for South Yorkshire Police Force’s complete abrogation of its duty.


    • If you had been told the night before an endoscopy that your father was dying of oesophageal cancer, and not to tell your father and frighten him, and see your father given terminal drugs whilst still very mobile and taken off his feet by an “On call doctor” who prescribed terminal drugs without ever seeing the patient after provable lies were told to him on a Sunday morning at 0618 hours and further lies that same day, then watch as syringe drivers full of drugs to kill are forced into your father against his will, with him stating he was not in any pain and did not need any medication, I thinking he had oesophageal cancer, then having to wait over 10 months for the Pathology Report which proved your father had no such cancer and no other cancer that would end his life, and you have letters from both Consultants which proves no cancer, what would you do?
      We have documented evidence which proves exactly what happened and what was prescribed without a doctor seeing dad, we even have the medical note that proves one of my father’s own doctors contacted DRI for the results of his endoscopy the day before he died, which proves no oesophageal cancer, yet this GP told us an hour before dad died he was dying of oesophageal cancer. She knew this was a complete lie. Her initials are on the copy of the results with the date the day before dad died.


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