Sansome sows labour discord ( already-!!!! )

It seems like the anti-corbyn brigade inside Rotherham Labour are already at work.

This tweet shows a complete misunderstanding of the position Labour find themselves in now, after not one, but TWO, sets of existential crises in the last 18 months. Councillor stuart Sansome clearly is out of touch with his comrades up and down the land who concede that this election has seen Corbyn outperform two of his predecessors and which has united the Labour party.

I wonder what councillor Sansome’s thoughts are on how Labour would win a majority in the commons with this result as a starting point? – My view is that he would rather pump out bilge on twitter than say something constructive.

Whoever taught him how to use twitter needs a stern talking to!


19 thoughts on “Sansome sows labour discord ( already-!!!! )

  1. This fool is a councillor, why don’t the labour party use intelligence tests to weed out duds like him? We are new and intend to take over Swinton labour party from the inside!


    • Community union and hand picked by roger stone. Stone even changed the all women shortlist rules to get him into a safe council seat. Shame it went tits up


  2. No surprises here then. This bloke wouldn’t know a political principle if it came and bit him on the arse. I cant see him whipping up too much crap now people see a future in Corbyn.


  3. Fact: Labour lost the general election.
    Fact: The Tories are still in power.

    Swinton Momentum/Popular Front;
    Don’t shoot the messenger.


  4. If sansome and other cronies had been loyal then labour would have crossed line easily. Instead of being like spoilt brats and sulking. Chucking toys out of pram.
    Likewise if many MPs had not gone on mutuny deserting members decision twice and constantly smearing corbyn and his team.

    Well done Jeremy.

    Important to remember who is in the bunker with you and covering your back. Ask teresa.


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