Sansome chewing a bone or is he just t’owd ‘bonehead’

Despite Steven Kinnock, John Mann and even Peter Mandleson acknowledging the contribution that the current Labour leadership has made to their fortunes – and indeed the future of the country – Councillor Sansome still seems to be operating in a quasi 50’s/90’s timewarp where silly throwaway comments pass for politics.

When is he up for election again?


12 thoughts on “Sansome chewing a bone or is he just t’owd ‘bonehead’

  1. He’s done nowt for Swinton – See him every month, no solutions but shedloads of self importance. Has been, cant wait to give him the good old heave-ho.


  2. The next election in a few months could see corbyn romp over the line, you would think he would be rejoicing and singing the f**kin red flag, being the big-man union type that he is.


    • Im not sure what you mean by ‘big man union type’ panty dropper? If it means standing up for your members and negotiating better terms then no he isnt one of them. If it means sitting down in meetings and conceding to management on everything and letting the branch lose all its members to another union then yes he is one of them.


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