Theresa May: The prisoner of No 10

Don’t be fooled out of seeing the big picture. This is not politics as normal.

The carefully constructed house of cards has been swept away. It is politics more chaotic, more brutal than any thriller.

The Conservative Party has a reputation for ruthlessness – getting rid of even much loved leaders when they are no longer a tool to maintaining the party’s rule.

The defenestration of their idol Margaret Thatcher was a sign of that.

But this is far more cruel, a breathtakingly savage lesson in the exercise of power.

Mrs May has been broken on the electoral wheel but is forced to stand on splintered limbs, grimacing through the pain, for the sake of her party’s chance to cling to office.

She is like a medieval monarch, captured by her barons, shorn of the advisers she loved and trusted, allowed one old close friend to minister cold comfort.

The government is stable as a two-legged stool, and she is sapped of strength, weakened by the demands of her colleagues.

I have spoken to no Conservative who thinks she can last more than two years – many say six months, some a few days.

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