No appeal over High Court ruling on ousting of Chief Constable

EMBATTLED policing chief Dr Alan Billings will not appeal a High Court ruling that he acted “unlawfully” in ousting chief constable David Crompton.

The row between the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the ex-top officer of South Yorkshire Police has already cost the public an estimated £250,000 in court costs.

The High Court last week ruled against Dr Alan Billings’ decision to suspend and forcibly remove David Crompton (pictured) from his post following statements he made in the wake of the Hillsborough inquest verdicts in April last year.

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No appeal against ruling on ‘irrational’ order for ex-chief constable to resign

South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) has decided not to appeal against a High Court ruling which said his decision to require former chief constable David Crompton to resign was “irrational”.

Earlier this month Mr Crompton challenged decisions made by Alan Billings in the wake of April 2016 inquest findings into the deaths resulting from the Hillsborough stadium disaster 27 years before.

Two judges in London ruled in Mr Crompton’s favour, describing the decision to require his resignation as “wholly disproportionate” and “irrational”.

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South Yorkshire PCC will not appeal against Crompton ruling

A police chief has said he will not appeal against a court ruling he acted unlawfully.

South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Dr Alan Billings suspended the force’s chief constable and called for him to resign after the Hillsborough inquests.

Ex-chief constable David Crompton successfully challenged the decision.

Dr Billings said he did not believe it was in the public interest to commit further funds to pursue the case.

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8 thoughts on “No appeal over High Court ruling on ousting of Chief Constable

  1. Except that Billings appears to be saying he and the other PCCs will try to change the law so that in future they are entirely entitled to take similarly irrational and perverse actions.

    When it emerged that Shaun Wright had acted wholly inappropriately in his previous role, the Labour establishment of South Yorkshire was outraged and sought his removal as PCC. Now that we know this one acted in a recklessly unlawful and irresponsible manner will they do the same again?


    • @Alex
      Good point and well made.
      Don’t expect the local CLP and RMBC Labour councillors to call for Billings’ resignation. Wright was forced out because he was linked to the CSE scandal whereas Labour politico’s have no qualms about wasting taxpayers money on spurious legal cases in an attempt to make them look clean and wholesome.
      Billings is a failure and he did what most Labour stooges do when caught out: He sacked the next most high profile person so he could be seen to be ‘doing something’ to rescue his own and his party’s reputation.


      • Colin,
        I tend to feel that the legislation setting up the PCCs may have been somewhat flawed and hence their role rather unclear.
        “Under the terms of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, PCCs must:
        secure an efficient and effective police for their area;
        appoint the Chief Constable, hold them to account for running the force, and if necessary dismiss them; …. ”

        and …
        Response to the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Decision Not to Appeal

        Responding to the decision of Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, not to apply for permission to appeal the High Court ruling against his decision to suspend and cause to resign the former Chief Constable David Crompton, APCC Chair Dame Vera Baird said:
        “Having studied the judgement in detail, it is our assessment that there are issues raised which may merit further clarification. We want to ensure that a variety of options are explored, including whether there is a need for updated guidance.
        “In my role as Chair I am due to speak with the new Policing Minister, Nick Hurd MP, in the near future and will be looking to raise a range of matters relating to policing, including some of those raised in this judgement.”


  2. @RR
    ‘PCCs must:
    secure an efficient and effective police for their area;
    appoint the Chief Constable, hold them to account for running the force, and if necessary dismiss them; …. ”
    I don’t question the remit of PCC’s but in this instance Billings sacked Crompton unlawfully and considering the amount of money Billings spends on ‘Advisors’ he (Billings) is outed as a ‘Not Fit for Purpose’ PCC.
    Where did the £250,000 costs for this legal farce come from? SYP could make better use of the money for our benefit.


  3. Billings is protected by the Westminster
    Village Elite
    Like all MPs Labour Councillors and Council officers
    The terrible events with the fire in London
    In the so called investigation no Minister
    Conservitive Labour or Lib Dem who
    Failed to act on reports over the years will be
    Part of it
    They will close ranks tighter than a ducks backside
    All boys together
    Take CSE in Rotherham three years on
    No official politician both local or national
    Has bee investigated or brought to account
    Ask why your selves why is that
    Councillors who knew still in post
    Councillor given back powers when nothing
    Has changed
    Tik the boxes and it will go away
    Same old same old nothing changes


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