Plans submitted for fracking test well

FRACKING firm Ineos has submitted a planning application for an exploratory test well at Harthill.

Shale operations director Tom Pickering said: “This well is an another important step in helping us understand the local geology.

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News: Testing rig will have “no detrimental impact on the local environment,” INEOS claim

Environmental studies included in a detailed planning application have led to INEOS’ oil and gas exploration and production business concluding that there would be no detrimental impact on the local environment from its proposed shale gas testing well in Rotherham.

Rothbiz reported in March on the details of INEOS’ plans for a site between the villages of Harthill and Thorpe Salvin for shale gas exploration. The Green Belt site was chosen because it is within an area of interest based on existing seismic data.

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2 thoughts on “Plans submitted for fracking test well

  1. Publish your “Environmental studies” for THIS test drilling in full in the Advertiser for all to study and arrive at their own conclusions. If you have confidence in your studies then you have nothing to hide INEOS !


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