Wath Comprehensive School placed in special measures

A SECONDARY school will convert to an academy after being placed in special measures by Government inspectors due to its “unacceptable standard of education and poor leadership”.

Wath Comprehensive has been rated inadequate by Ofsted after a two-day inspection in March.

The report, published last Friday, said the previously “good”-rated school in 2011 needed to improve its study programmes for students aged 16 to 19, as well as its handling for personal development, behaviour and pupils’ welfare.

Effectiveness of leadership and management and quality of teaching, learning and assessment were all rated inadequate.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,wath-comprehensive-school-placed-in-special-measures_22901.htm


9 thoughts on “Wath Comprehensive School placed in special measures

  1. How sad is this? The school has ‘bombed’ since the last inspection whn it was deemed ‘Good’.

    See Ofsted inspection report:

    Irene Hartley is long standing Chair of Governors and her responsibilities include;
    Finance & General Purposes
    Staff Pay & Conditions
    Premises & Lettings

    Under academisation there’s likely to be a clear out and of governors……….


    • The report is damning of leadership. There needs to be a clear out of Governors as they are clearly not fit for purpose but before they go there are some serious capability issues amongst the leadership to be considered.

      Anyone taking bets that Wickersley will become its Academy sponsor??????


      • The report is damning on all aspects not just leadership. Wonder what and where ahs been Ian Thomas’ input in the intervening years including its monitoring by the LA.

        It is to be well and truly hoped that a remote Regional Commissioner will NOT flick Wath Comprehensive Hudson’s way. No doubt, he will be rubbing his hands wondering about accessing Wath’s funding and another school to ‘dump’ pupils in who are more than challenging from Clifton and Rawmarsh.

        Hudson has failed spectacularly to turn Clifton and Rawmarsh around (he’s had long enough) except to rack up for these schools eye watering deficits whilst swelling the coffers at Wickersley. All the while pay himself an exorbitant salary.

        His short term strategy has been to bus in the very unruly from Clifton and Rawmarsh to Wickersley especially following the Clifton riots. Transport costs must be exorbitant. Dig beneath the layers, there’s a lot to be ‘seen’ and especially when the media gets a ‘sniff’ (the pupil bringing a firearm into the exam room last week), the school shuts down all engagement with the outside. Nothing new there.

        Interesting it made last week’s headlines but The Advertiser didn’t put it onto their web site for others to pick up the link. I wonder why? Well, could it be that John Healey MP lives in Wickersley as does Cllr Sue Ellis (Labour Whip) and Cllr Chris Read, Leader of the council. Oh and don’t forget, Andrew Mosely’s wife is Thumper Champion’s PA. Poor media opportunity for Rotherham Labour.


  2. The one remaining school in local government control. What do you expect from this labour controlled authority other than more mismanagement and lack of control. This once proud grammar school that provided excellent education and opportunity for working class children brought to its knees under labour control. Just like everything else they are put in charge of. First children, then recently adults, now education. Yet the people of Rotherham persist in voting labour, when will they learn? We must ask Gordon Watson just what he has to say, this has happened on his watch!


    • Perseus, watching Gordon Watson on RMBC webcast I think I can confidently say what Mr Watson’s reply is to any question…. “Ermmmm”


  3. Well said Perseus
    Labour in control of Education and Labour
    In control of Governors
    I wonder what labours education
    Champion in Rotherham Janet Green
    Has to say


  4. Well said Perseus
    Labour in control of Education and Labour
    In control of Governors
    I wonder what labours education
    Champion in Rotherham Janet Green
    Has to say


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