JAILED: Asian child sex gang preyed on schoolgirl they drugged with cannabis and heroin

Three men involved in an Asian child sex gang who preyed on a schoolgirl they had drugged with cannabis and heroin, started jail terms on Saturday after being convicted of crimes carried out in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Wendover, years previously.

A judge jailed them for up to 19 years after hearing a heart-rending victim impact statement from the victim who is now a 32-year-old who suffers from alcohol addiction and depression.

Read on… http://www.bucksfreepress.co.uk/news/15328594.JAILED__Asian_child_sex_gang_preyed_on_schoolgirl_they_drugged_with_cannabis_and_heroin/

This would appear to be the only report on this trial according to our spotter Parsonage, unless readers can find more?

Does this fit ‘the model’?

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3 thoughts on “JAILED: Asian child sex gang preyed on schoolgirl they drugged with cannabis and heroin

  1. ” Aslam’s defence barrister, Lesley Manley, said that the father-of-six had broken down and confessed what he had done to his wife in 2006 but that his family and Mosque had chosen to support him. ”

    And therein lies the answer to all those who say that sex groomers don’t represent their community


  2. Wife and mosque officials have “aided & abetted” these crimes and should be arrested and charged ! Multiculturalism – my arse ! “Honour” and “bringing shame on the community” has no place in the UK or any civilised country !


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