British Islamist Blogger in Syria has Citizenship Revoked

A British-Pakistani Muslim working for an Islamist blogging website in Syria has become the first person to have his citizenship revoked since 2015, for posing a “threat” to the nation.

Akif Razaq, 30, from Birmingham, was working for On The Ground News (OGN), a site set up by U.S. born convert Bilal Abdul Kareem, who has collaborated with and written for UK-based Islamist blogs 5Pillars and Islam21C.

Alleged extremist sympathiser Mr. Kareem, who is on a U.S. “kill list”, has also contributed to reports for Channel 4, the BBC, Sky News, and the Dutch program Newseur.

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10 Responses to British Islamist Blogger in Syria has Citizenship Revoked

  1. reg reader says:

    A possibly more factual version of the story:
    Birmingham man to be stripped of British citizenship after working in Syria for group ‘linked to al-Qaeda’

  2. Colin Tawn says:

    And why not……??

    • reg reader says:


      • Colin Tawn says:

        My post asked the obvious question:
        Why shouldn’t his citizenship be removed?

        • reg reader says:

          Well, assuming that has the legal right to do it, and just cause to do it, then fine.

          Personally, I am not all that sure that his being involved with On the Ground News should in itself constitute just cause, any more than writing for FDD’s Long War Journal or
          Alastair Crooke’s Conflict Forum could be, or even writing for Breitbart!
          But only our government makes the decision.

  3. Colin Tawn says:

    British citizenship is a privilege not a right.

    I do not subscribe to the view HM Government revokes citizenship without hard evidence, Akif Razaq volunteered to work for OGN which is not a pro British organisation therefore his commitment and loyalty to Britain are non existent.

    Why are you against strong action by the Home Office? The Home Office or the Home Secretary has the power to revoke British Citizenship under the 2006 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act. The measure was included in the 2006 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act as a direct result of the July 2005 bombings. Under the terms of the act the Home Secretary can deprive an individual of British citizenship if she believes it to be “conducive to the public good”.

    I do not have a problem with that.

  4. Colin Tawn says:

    The key words are: ‘The Home Office or the Home Secretary has the power to revoke British Citizenship under the 2006 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act.’
    Razaq volunteered to work for an Islamist blog. He could have done similar work in Birmingham or anywhere else in Britain, he chose Syria instead as his home.
    Rafaq’s statement “I doesn’t have another nationality” is irrelevant IMV. His actions show he does not have any allegiance to Britain and there is nothing to stop him applying for Syrian citizenship.

    • reg reader says:

      Colin, you are correct: The law was changed in 2014.

      “(4)The Secretary of State may not make an order under subsection (2) if he is satisfied that the order would make a person stateless.
      [F3(4A)But that does not prevent the Secretary of State from making an order under subsection (2) to deprive a person of a citizenship status if—
      (a)the citizenship status results from the person’s naturalisation,
      (b)the Secretary of State is satisfied that the deprivation is conducive to the public good because the person, while having that citizenship status, has conducted him or herself in a manner which is seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the United Kingdom, any of the Islands, or any British overseas territory, and
      (c)the Secretary of State has reasonable grounds for believing that the person is able, under the law of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom, to become a national of such a country or territory.]

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