The MrBean Hussain & Chris Read Letters: Boys will be..?

Understand this foolish and perhaps worse individual, is on the airwaves today. On ITV he seems to be a fixture?

Rotherham Politics

When Mubeen Hussain emerged from the womb and a midwife smacked his arse he screamed “racist” followed by loud sobs of “me, me, me”. Many thought the midwife had smacked the wrong end, and should have a second or even third go.

Muhbeen followed uncle Mahroof into the family business of doing….not a lot really. Through a strange mix of caste, biraderi and really pushy mums the Hussain men have decided they are chosen by God to be leaders of men.

For his birthday the family gave him a small political party…Rotherham Muslim Youth. It wouldn’t fit his ego, so taking it back to M&S he changed it for a bigger one…British Muslim Youth.

This came with its own taxi drivers and a membership age range of 0 to 95. The cunning change of name extended his boundary of power and influence from number 45 Wellgate up as far as…

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6 thoughts on “The MrBean Hussain & Chris Read Letters: Boys will be..?

  1. When will Muhbeen end his boycott of the police? There is much he could tell them about CSE and the associated criminality that accompanies it. He won’t say a dicky bird, because likely, it would be friends and family that would be up before the beak!


      • You may claim that Paddy, but there is absolutely no sign of it, on the ground.
        If you have some practical evidence that Muhbeen is co-operating with the police I would be delighted to know of it and Rothpol’s readers too, I would warrant?


        • It was a stunt that ended ages ago. What “practical evidence” would convince you of this?


        • We would know, Muhbeen simply couldn’t resist telling us or the Advertiser.
          This stunt was an attempt to browbeat the authorities, nothing more.
          The culture of impunity in Rotherham must be re-established!
          Remember Sajid’s words, they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”


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