Ex-South Yorkshire Police chief: ‘I was stabbed in the back’

The former chief constable of South Yorkshire Police has claimed he was “stabbed in the back” by the force’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) following the Hillsborough inquests.

David Crompton was suspended by PCC Dr Alan Billings after a press statement he gave was interpreted as blaming Liverpool fans for the disaster.

Mr Crompton was forced to resign from his position by the PCC.

The High Court ruled Dr Billings had acted unlawfully in removing him.

BBC News has also found that removing Mr Crompton from his post is likely to cost taxpayers more than £500,000 in legal fees, plus additional staff expenses.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-40299745

5 thoughts on “Ex-South Yorkshire Police chief: ‘I was stabbed in the back’

  1. The taxpayer must not, under any circumstances, pay a single penny of the half-million costs. The costs must be borne by the police and crime commissioner and each member of the police and crime panel. Absolutely no accountability, and these people think they can spend our money on illegal actions and never pay the price – not bad for an institution that is supposed tpo uphold the law! Now, here’s a thought – it could be said that to force us to pay for their mistakes is a form of fraud, so will the alleged current chief constable arrest and prosecute the police commissioner and members of the panel for their crime?


  2. Crompton was a weak and ineffective Chief Constable – Billings is not fit for purpose. Time for him to go before he bankrupts the office of the PCC. Even better, get rid of this ridiculous position for once and for all !


  3. If Billings did not or does not have legal costs insurance then he is a bigger buffoon than I thought.
    He should IMV publish all the legal advice,letters,emails and memo’s he received and sent before this particular case went to the High Court, it will then be up to us to decide if he is a fit and proper person to hold the office of Police and Crime Commissioner.

    I notice his buddies and allies in the Labour party are distancing themselves from him. Perhaps they finally realise-as we do-he is tainted goods.


  4. Some Questions that I think should be asked
    1 Who Internaly from RMBC and Commissioners office gave Billings legal advice
    2 How much dis any external legal advice cost
    3 Did Billings ignor any legal advice given
    4 Did the PCP receive independent Legal Advice f so from who
    5 Why was Oppostion Councillors on the PCP excluded from the meeting and by who

    This should give a start to building up a picture of events and why Billings acted like he did


  5. I am not sure who is most useless the ex-Chief Constable of SY or Alan Billings. This means, even more, money is not going to frontline policing and being wasted on court cases and compensation.


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