Hyenas squabbling over a corpse?

ANNE Marie Waters will be starting her campaign for UKIP’s leadership, right here, in Rotherham.

The Advertiser online put it thus:

UKIP leadership hopeful launching bid in Rotherham

ANNE Marie Waters will launch her bid to become UKIP leader at an event at AESSEAL New York Stadium next week.

Waters is hoping to succeed former leader Paul Nuttall, who resigned after the party’s disappointing performance at the recent General Election.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,ukip-leadership-hopeful-launching-bid-in-rotherham_22991.htm

Clicking the links produces more than a raised eyebrow, on my part!

I had no idea, members with these poisonous views, were even acceptable as members, never mind, leadership candidates?

I sincerely hope no locals were involved in the organisation of this event?

See also:

Ukip under fire for choosing candidate who called Islam evil

Selection of Anne Marie Waters, ex-deupty leader of far-right group Pegida, reveals ‘grubby, true face’ of party, says Tim Farron

Read on… https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/apr/27/ukip-anne-marie-waters-islam-pegida

Far-right activists detained at UK border before Britain First rally

Antisemitic Polish priest Jacek Międlar and head of Dutch branch of Islamophobic movement Pegida among those held

Read on… https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/24/far-right-activists-detained-at-uk-border-before-britain-first-rally?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

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26 Responses to Hyenas squabbling over a corpse?

  1. reg reader says:

    Anne Marie Waters is hardly a hyena.
    Hyenas have a positive and useful role in this world

    • Jason says:

      Hyenas may have a useful role in the grand scheme of life. Sadly like Anne Marie you are of little value.

  2. malcontent says:

    Why are her views toxic? I would submit that many people in this country agree with what she has to say on sharia and I am one of them. When polygamy is illegal in this country why the hell are we paying state benefits for muslims to have several wives?
    Judge for yourselves: http://forbritain.uk/anne-marie-discusses-sharia-at-leeds-ukip-29032017

  3. Ginger Nut says:

    Well, well, well.
    Wasn’t one of the reasons Caven Vines said he resigned from UKIP was because Ann Marie Waters wasn’t being put forward for the Leadership?
    Clearly, she is his ‘heroine’ which tells you even more about him and his lack of judgement. What a couple of role models they make. Her audacity to foist herself on Rotherham is a sure fired loser.
    Presumably, Rotherham UKIP have distanced themselved from this nut job?

  4. malcontent says:

    “Presumably, Rotherham UKIP have distanced themselves from this nut job?”
    If you can’t see the sense in what she’s saying, Ginger “Nut” you’re the nut job, or are you a Muslim? You are certainly not a woman for any woman with sense has to agree with her.

  5. Caven vines says:

    Ginger Nutt
    Who ever you are but like all who have
    A go at me on this site never declare who
    They are very cowardly
    Please produce your evidence of ware I said
    One of my reasons of resigning from UKIP
    Was anything to do with this person
    I gave my reasons quite clearly on this site in May
    So please produce your evidence
    Before making up story’s
    But for the record I don’t understand how
    She is a member of UKIP with her links
    to such groups according to UKIP party rules
    But making the rules to suit the situation
    Is one of the reasons I resigned among others
    But my take on it is they have chosen
    Rotherham as it is the last UKIP
    Area with any Councillors in any No
    After they lost all in May
    But I really don’t know

  6. Caven vines says:

    Ginger Nutt
    It would appear you have a problem reading
    Who said what
    I think you will find it was Steve Webster
    Who mentioned Walters
    But I will accept your apologies for misquoting me
    And spreading unfounded allegations

  7. matthewjeyre says:

    For the record, UKIP Rotherham had nothing at all to do with the organisation of Waters’ event, it has been done without the branch.

    As far as I know no member of UKIP Rotherham will even be in attendance at the Waters event.

    I’ve no idea how she is allowed to be a member of UKIP, and she doesn’t represent the views of the Rotherham Branch.

  8. Lord Brexit says:

    What I really struggle to understand is why people vote Labour in Rotherham, after the way the CSE scandal and the appalling way they manage the borough as a whole. Rotherham council aren’t fit for purpose, the only thing they are good at is the rubbish collection and the processing of it. I can see the Tories removing Labour from Rother Valley at the next election if they put a decent candidate in place. Remember the boundaries are changing as well.

    • big bird . says:

      vote rigging ? the whole voting system needs a overall .

      • Lord Brexit says:

        I did ask for a breakdown of the votes through freedom of information. They mix votes up, so you can neither see which way people voted on postal votes or by ward on the day. I also heard that that UKIP candidate got his £500 cheque back at lunchtime the same day as they count, how can that be? Count finished at 4am and cheque is there a few hours later in the post.

  9. Xerxes says:

    I should just like to make it clear that Anne Marie Waters is speaking in Rotherham of her own accord, she has not been invited here by the local branch, never will be, and that her views are not those of the party. Every party has people it would prefer to vaporise.

    I trust the party will eventually prevent her from standing for the leadership.

    It is most unfortunate that she has chosen to speak here, her presence is invidious, and is simply due to the notoriety of the town, a result of labour negligence I would suggest!

    What makes this more unpalatable, is the reaction of the media, in particular that of the BBC. If anyone from UKIP has a view that is different from that held by the Islington left wing liberal elite they make a big fuss, but say as little as possible when it comes to the anti-Semitic, Zionist views of terrorist friendly members at the top of the labour party.

  10. S Thornton says:

    “anti-semitic, Zionist views of terrorist friendly members at the top of the Labour Party”, who advocate the marxist takeover of private residential property, and at left wing gatherings at pop concerts, call government MP`s murders. ( and he is still in post, so jezza agrees with these views) Making Political gain over the deaths of the Grenfell Tower is deplorable.
    They make “citizen Smith” of the “Tooting Popular Front” look decidedly right wing.

  11. Robin Symonds says:

    RUFC have cancelled Ms Waters’ room booking. Hallelujah!

    • malcontent says:

      You think that will silence her — dream on! The degeneracy and immorality of sharia resonates with many people and If we do eventually leave the EU and UKIP fizzle out, they will be replaced by something else. Much of what they say appeals to a sizable section of the electorate who are sick of being lied to and feel totally betrayed by the LIbLabCon.

      • Robin Symonds says:

        No I don’t imagine it will silence her but thankfully she won’t be speaking at the home of my football club.

        • malcontent says:

          You don’t like her speaking at “your” football club – the truth offends you then does it?
          As her opinions aren’t in accord with yours why beat about the bush. Come straight out with it and state you’d like to see her gagged completely.

  12. Albion says:

    Terrorist friendly members at the top of the Labour Party

    Tory defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon meets Assad in Syria

    Marxist takeover of private residential property,

    During World War Two, the Winston Churchill led government requisitioned housing

    Making Political gain over the deaths of the Grenfell Tower is deplorable

    Tearing up so called red tape fire regulations and fire inspection regimes that contribute to deaths by fire is manslaughter

    You do need to stop reading the hate preacher supporting Daily Heil.

  13. Albion says:

    “Terrorist friendly members at the top of the Labour Party”,

    Right wing Prime Minister gives £1.5 billion to political party with links to terrorists and policies out of the dark ages.

  14. Caven vines says:

    One of the Candidates is a serving Councillor
    They could have sent his Cheque
    Through internal mail to his
    Mail box in the TownHall
    But like Mal says why not just. Ask him

  15. big bird . says:

    A newspaper a few days back reported about the issue of vote riggin in the pakistani and bangladeshi community .

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