Rotherham Truth Campaign – Stand Up For Rotherham petition update

The dishonesty in the highly reckless email sent by David McWilliams on 15.9.15

26 Jun 2017 — David wrote two opening paragraphs followed by “I thought you might find it helpful if I shared some of the feedback we received” and he then gave seven points.

Amazingly, alterations were later made to the comments of the so-called expert by Commissioner Stella Manzie in a Freedom Of Information (FOI) response on 7.12.15. What victims and survivors immediately regarded as ridiculous statements in the FOI response on 7.12.15 have since been proven to be just that and worse.

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2 thoughts on “Rotherham Truth Campaign – Stand Up For Rotherham petition update

  1. I just had the misfortune to spend some time in Rotherham. What a shithole. The town centre is dying, because theres a bloody great shopping Mall called Parkgate not a mile away, which, along with Meadowhall, down the road, that sucks all the business up.

    You can tell who lives where as well – the dirty, scruffy terrace house, unkempt, lacking maintenance, rubbish piled outside, are where the Moslems cluster in ghettos. The bits they arent occupying tend to be clean, tidy, well maintained and pleasant.

    The surrounding countryside is very nice, some nice spots, but Rotherham itself needs clearing and starting again.

    And the Borough Council that allowed all this to happen (and we’ll not mention 1400 female white children) need to be sacked. And yet the stupid people of Rotherham CONTINUE to vote for these dickwads every time. What IS the matter with you people? Are you mentally Ill? GET RID OF THE ENTIRE COUNCIL, if you want hings to improve!


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