Sheffield Council threatens “Stalinist”‘ legal action against own councillor and other tree campaigners

Sheffield Council is threatening legal action against tree campaigners, including an opposition councillor.

Intended claims for injunctions have been served on several campaigners who have been trying to prevent the removal of some trees in the city as part of the controversial Streets Ahead road improvement programme.

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Sheffield Council legal threat to tree protest councillor

A council is to seek a civil injunction and damages against one of its own councillors and other members of the public.

Nether Edge Green Party councillor, Alison Teal, was served with a legal notice for her involvement in protests against Sheffield City Council’s tree felling programme.

Ms Teal was previously arrested for protesting against the tree removals.

Charges against her and 13 others were dropped earlier this year.

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6 thoughts on “Sheffield Council threatens “Stalinist”‘ legal action against own councillor and other tree campaigners

  1. Whilst not at all agreeing with Caven’s comment above which seems mainly to be referencing the court case that he lost against 2 Labour MPs.
    – – – – – –
    I do think the Sheffield Labour Council has completely lost the plot over this.
    Even though I live just outside the border with Sheffield I am a supporter of Stag:


  2. Labour controlled SCC obviously now believes that War war is better than Jaw jaw.

    Unlawful: the term used for an act that is contrary to or violates a law that exist.
    Exactly which law does Cllr. Lodge think is applicable in his pursuit of the protestors?
    Decisions on unlawful activity rest with the Police/CPS not a city councillor.



  3. Yet another decency line is crossed by a bullying council. No limits to the dictatorship imposed upon anything or anyone who disagrees. Another example of behaviour along the route of Idi Amin, Pot Pot, Saddam Hussain, Moammar Ghadaffi and the rest. Is this the reputational brand that the current leader of the council wants, or is it that they simply do not care? We all know how this ends.


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