Former commissioner quits as housing charity chairman

FORMER Rotherham council commissioner Sir Derek Myers quit as chairman of housing charity Shelter following the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Sir Derek was previously chief executive at Kensington and Chelsea Council, which has been criticised along with the charity for its response to the fire.

He headed the intervention team brought in by the Government to fix Rotherham Borough Council from 2014 until he stepped down early in March.

Read on…,former-commissioner-quits-as-housing-charity-chairman_23049.htm

1 thought on “Former commissioner quits as housing charity chairman

  1. With its leader resigning from Kensington and Chelsea Council It’s evident from the way they treat the poor of that area that council is also not fit for purpose. Can we not have him relocated back to them? For as the richest borough in the country they can afford him, we can’t. Apart from CCTV in taxis, what good have the commissioners done since they came here? They are no more value for money than globetrotting Stone and Akhtar were.


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