Mike Speakman Regional Organise UKIP Yorkshire and Northern Lincs – Linked to Common Purpose?????

——– Forwarded Message ——–
Subject: Common Purpose
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017

Hi Andrew,

Yorkshire regional organiser Mike Speakman is Common Purpose, he has admitted to members.

He has been tasked with destroying the region from the inside and he has done a good job so far, most of the competent Chairman/key people have either been bullied out of UKIP, suspended, sidelined or just become so disillusioned and have left UKIP:

These key people (who have left/sidelined/suspended) include:
Alan Henderson – North Yorkshire
Paddy Fisher – North Lincolnshire
Rob Butler – Huddersfield
Guy Aston – Lincolnshire area
David Ginley – Calderdale area
Stephanie Todd – Richmond
Paul Latham – Keighley
Cavan Vines (and most of the Rotherham branch) – Rotherham

Please publicise this as widely as possible.


7 thoughts on “Mike Speakman Regional Organise UKIP Yorkshire and Northern Lincs – Linked to Common Purpose?????

    • “The UKIP Branch is very much alive”
      Now under control of Mike Speakman you mean.
      I heard he tried many times to get rid of the ex Chair Caven because he didn’t respond to his request or do what he wanted.
      This has been seen in other UKIP Yorkshire branches.
      Caven at one point stood down has chair, because Mike was going to close the branch down.
      Another branch chair was sort under now UKIP Cllr Peter Short during his time as chair the membership fell.
      After a year another branch AGM and Caven back as Chair, Mike’s comments on Caven’ s return was “You’ve broken our promise” there wasn’t a promise broken Caven stood down at Mike’s request, Caven was re-elected under party rules and voting members.
      I wonder if Caven would like to add his comments on this and the other questions raised below?

      I have also heard rumours on Mike Speakmans appointment, who voted him as UKIP Yorkshire Regional Controller?
      He supposedly stood down from this position and Gavin Felton replaced him again under supposedly a underhanded appointment by Mike Hookem, but Mike Speakman still called the shots.
      Gavin was supposed to be doing what Mike did or does, but this is questionable.
      Where is Gavin Felton now anyway?
      He stood in Barnsley Central in the General Election, was he also still the supposedly Regional Controller during this time?
      The UKIP Regional Controller is payed by UKIP, I have also heard that Gavin Felton was on Mike Hookem’s payroll, I wonder if this is against MEP rules?
      Do we see UKIP MEP money controlling the UKIP Yorkshire Region?
      Has anyone even questioned this?
      I also wonder if this is happening in all UKIP Regions across the country…



      • Actually, I took two months off with out pay during the election. As for my appointment, a email and advert went out, I applied and was interviewed and this is on record and recorded.


  1. Common Purpose publish crap. It is all about CONTROL!
    Blairites were riddled with them as were LibDems, they even got into the Cameroon’s. Any organisation, even tenants associations can have problems. Any person who has been on their “training” can give you problems.


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