End tree protests or face prison and damages – Sheffield Council’s warning to campaigners

Sheffield Council has threatened tree campaigners with potential imprisonment and “significant” claims for damages if they do not sign letters committing to ending direct protests for good.

Seventeen people have now been sent ‘pre-action protocol letters’ by the council as part of an increasingly bitter dispute about the removal of 6,000 street trees through the Streets Ahead highway maintenance programme.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/end-tree-protests-or-face-prison-and-damages-sheffield-council-s-warning-to-campaigners-1-8625458

5 thoughts on “End tree protests or face prison and damages – Sheffield Council’s warning to campaigners

  1. Thought Police – Ministry of Truth – Bully, Bluff,Bluster – Even Stalin would have baulked at what SCC does without a moment’s hesitation. George Orwell’s worst nightmare surpassed.


  2. Bluff and bluster by Labour controlled Sheffield City Council which seems determined to overrule and ignore legitimate protests by residents and tree preservation groups.
    Anyone can issue pre action protocol letters, persuading a judge you have a solid case- supported by evidence and case law- is entirely different.
    Cllr. Lodge has so far refused to say what laws or regulations he thinks are being breached by the protestors. My advice to him is to confer and discuss this with SCC’s legal department before he himself ends up in court facing charges under the Protection from Harrassment Act 1997 and contravening Article 11 of the ECHR.

    How strange; only a few weeks ago people were praising the Labour party for retaining control of SCC.


  3. So Labour support protests to bring down a Government that got a Million more votes than them. They champion the civil right to protest against others.
    But how dare anyone protest against them!
    Delusional lot of nasty bullies and hipocrits this c!ique tossers.


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