Sansome: “I dont like the town Im paid to represent”

It seems councillor Sansome is rejecting completely the RMBC ‘love where you live’ campaign with his comments on twitter.

As a previous area assembly chair and current serving ward councillor you would think he would show some pride in his town and in his Swinton ward.

Not so, Cllr Sansome considers his upbringing in Rotherham and current residential status here as a mistake.

Perhaps he feels like we’ve held him back? (cough)


23 thoughts on “Sansome: “I dont like the town Im paid to represent”

    • Theres been a series of mistakes stretching back to 2014 by people voting for him. This does not surprise me one little bit, in fact it explains it all and its there for everyone to see.


  1. Hi has never liked his ward or town. He is a bully. As the standards committee know I left the party because of his bullying.


  2. “I dont like the town Im paid to represent” Well what’s new there then ? St Sarah has never lived in the town she represents! he’s been honest about that at least. She still refuses to buy a house in the town she represents and is quite happy to have her snout in the trough.


    • Holly lynch MP is unlikely to see her last tango in halifax.

      But maybe sansumes last tango in swinton.

      He could be shoe shine boy for blair


  3. Brother Sansome may be unpopular on here butmy understanding, have observed Rotherham politics is that he is no blairite as one person alluded. What truly baffles me is how his replacement as Health Chair gets no attention. A recent letter to the Advertiser, from a council employee, takes Evans and his abysmal record so far, to pieces. I would post a copy but don’t seem able to paste into these boxes. I can’t believe Evans has escaped scrutiny. Perhaps in addition to his high profile friends in Wath, this website also has a soft spot for the “doughboy”.


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