Anne Marie Waters Launches UKIP Leadership Bid With Hardline Manifesto

Political activist Ann Marie Waters has launched a bid to become the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Giving a speech to a small group of supporters and publishing her manifesto, Ms. Waters put the promise to create a written British constitution at the heart of her campaign.

“This constitution will affirm free speech, equal citizenship and civil rights for all, the authority of British law on British soil, and our democratic process, while putting in place common sense safety guards so that democracy cannot be used in order to destroy itself”, her manifesto explains.

In 2016, Mrs. Waters was blocked from standing for UKIP in the London Assembly elections due to her role in Pegida UK. In the 2017 General Election, she was de-selected as a parliamentary candidate after party leader Paul Nuttall described her views as “way above and beyond party policy”.

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UKIP leadership bid launched in Dalton

A RIGHT-wing activist bidding to lead UKIP kicked off her election campaign at a Rotherham village hall after her planned launch at the New York Stadium was cancelled.

Anne Marie Waters, founder of the anti-Islam group Sharia Watch, initially planned to hold her launch event at the Millers home ground on Saturday.

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