Theresa May is ‘insensitive’ to public anger over Trump’s visit

THERESA May’s desire to push ahead with Donald Trump’s state visit shows she is “insensitive” to growing public anger, a senior MP has claimed.

Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan delivered a further sign of the Government’s commitment to the invitation, writing in a letter to Labour’s Paul Flynn that the event is an opportunity to “further advance” the close relationship between the US-UK.

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4 thoughts on “Theresa May is ‘insensitive’ to public anger over Trump’s visit

  1. There’s no pleasing the left…. They want Royalty to act like the rest of us and criticize them if they don’t. The US President that acts like the rest of modern society and they criticize him because he does. They fake old fashioned chivalry to think they know what offends the Queen and think the rest of us are dumb enough not to notice…….


  2. President Trump visiting Britain is certainly not a topic that is discussed daily by most people.
    Why do Leftards consider their minority views represent the views of the majority? Do they represent the majority of Labour supporters and voters? No they do not.


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