Darren – Rotherham’s own B’Stard?

Came across this image of a portrait of Darren Shaw/Hughes, whilst browsing the web.

Darren Hughes Narcissism Exhibit 1



Couldn’t help but be reminded of Rik Mayall’s famous character, Alan B’Stard, with whom Darren seems to share most of the same personality traits, narcissism being just one.

There is too, hidden meaning within the portrait.

If you examine the portrait you will notice a Chess Piece in one hand to represent politics.

The watch to say time is need to manoeuver into positions of power.

The chain of office to say he has arrived.

Finally the rotary pin on his suit, to show it’s whom you know. not what you know.

See also: Private Eye – The Daz Edition – In Full!

Regular Readers corrected image


9 thoughts on “Darren – Rotherham’s own B’Stard?

  1. One for Private Eye me thinks.
    So funny, it must be a wind up.
    Love to be fly on the wall in the Town Hall when this goes viral.


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